I have millions of songs on aws S3 and ROON freezes every time i try to add to library

I have around 10 million songs located on my Amazon s3 server and pretty powerful computer, but my ROON freezes when trying to add to the library when its close to every 1million songs or so. Is it better for me to get a Necleus Plus for this or is there a limitation with Amazon?

Wowza - you could start a streaming service :grin:

How powerful? Can you share the specs

Let’s tag @brian too because this may be one of those extraordinary cases.

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Sure. What Specs are you looking for?
Ive tried using an alienware Aurora R7 pc with a i7-8700 cpu @3.2ghz processor and 16gb of ram
If this set up doesnt work i’ll try with my other pc that has an i9 chip and 64 gigs of ram.
As far as the songs go, id say its about 40-45 terabytes of data.

I’ve tagged The Guru brian. He’s the best man for this issue.

But in the mean time, have a read of this very relevant thread, especially brian’s posts:


You would be the very special bleeding edge case he discusses in that thread.

Thanks I’ll Check it out. Just for clarification my goal is indeed to start a new streaming service but i’d like my library to be presented well.

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No worries. While a lot of that thread is discussing huge Roon libraries running on Linux (ROCK), he discusses huge libraries and Windows too.

With that size library and ambition to deliver a streaming service, you should be looking at commercial products, not Roon. As you have the same requirements as a radio station, you need to be using similar commercial software.

Another issue could also be one of remote files in your library…the scanning of which is taking place over the internet which is also not going to be optimal

Do you have any recommendations? Ive been searching for a while and tried a fare share of software like roon, media monkey etc etc but havent found anything to complete the job.