I have to register with Roon every time (QNAP)

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Description Of Issue

Seit dem letzten Update muss ich mich beim Core jedesmal wieder neu anmelden, wenn ich den NAS, auf dem der Core läuft über Nacht runterfahre.
Nach der Anmeldung, bekomme ich den Hinweis, dass ich nur die Lizenz für einen Core habe und ich deautorisieren müsste um mich anzumelden.(dabei ist dass ja der Gleiche wie vorher, gleicher Name,gleiche Hardware)
Vor dem Update gab es solche Probleme nicht
Since the last update, I have to log in to the core every time I shut down the NAS on which the core is running overnight.
After registering, I get the message that I only have the license for one core and I would have to deauthorize to register (the same is the same as before, same name, same hardware)
There were no such problems before the update

Please search this forum. @crieke has fixed this in a newer package, but i’m not sure QNAP has made that available in their app-store.


Thank you
I found the new package, how do I manually install it on my NAS?

It’s all here if you search! :wink:

Thank you. i search it, but you are much better in it

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Hi @Christian_Lueg,

Manual installation should not be required anymore, see …

Let us know how you get on.

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I’ll try it out tonight

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I update Roon in the App Center
Unfortunately, the problem persists

I have now uninstalled Roon and manually installed the version 2020-06-19. This is how it works now: Version 2020-06-22 is available in the QNAP App Center. Either it does not work or it is due to the deinstallation and reinstallation that it now works again

Hello @Christian_Lueg, and thanks for your report! I wanted to confirm, are things working now?

Yes it works. I am still working with version 2020-06-19 and have not updated to 2020-06-22

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