I just must be honest

I love the software. I really do. There is nothing like it. However, my first year is coming to a close and now that I have a very large amount of MQA music, I cannot in good faith (or pocket book, I’m not rich) continue without MQA support.

I am listening almost 80% to MQA and DSD (less now) and once the support is there, I will be back with a lifetime (after I scrounge the pennies), but sadly, I guess I must use that other piece of software in the interim that can play my files.

I have since replaced a lot of my old FLAC files with the MQA files now, and would really just prefer to utilize them.

I have nothing ill to say about Roon, I just hope you guys get the MQA situation sorted soon.

Cheers, and see you again soon, I hope.

EDIT: May not be an issue. Just read that at CES 2018 it was announced that Roon will directly play MQA soon. Yay!

Sorry to hear you think you’re missing out on SQ.
If you spend the kind of money you seem to do on MQA and DSD files, the Roon investment really must be a piss in the Mississippi?
What kind of DAC/Equipment do you use to be able to discern the differences? Just out of curiosity!

ATB Mike

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I had a Meridian 861, moved to a Proceed AVP (which beats most anything else I’ve had for 2 channel), but I just got sick of not having HDMI, 4K, Atmos, etc and moved to an Anthem AVM60. It’s soundstage is better than the Proceed, but the palpability and musicality of sound isn’t quite as amazing, but at least I have HDMI, etc. It was a trade of of a bit of sound quality for functionality.

And, I just read that at 2018 CES it was announced that Roon will finally have MQA soon, so this might not matter at all now.

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It’s being worked on and my money would be on it being in the next substantive release, but I have no special knowledge about timing and that may prove to be incorrect.

If you do decide to let Roon lapse until MQA is implemented then you’ll certainly hear about it on this site.

Whatever you decide Roon is aiming to provide an excellent and unique software MQA solution. All that time spent negotiating with MQA was not for naught !


James - are you saying that the difference you perceive in MQA above regular files is greater or more important to you than the difference in ‘palpability and musicality of sound’ that you found between your various AVP? Seems a slightly strange compromise that you are making - most folk here tend to go for the nth degree of SQ from their hardware.

We need to keep this in mind player software has a sound signature of its own and changes with updates
There is no neutral player. I do feel roon sound alone and it’s options is very good
I use roon into HQ player for best sound I don’t upsample
Anything and always play native
Roon mqa playback sounds much better than tidal desktop app by a margin
You could have let’s say jriver be streamed from roon and get the mqa dukes played native as you wish. Room admin is this possible ?

I’m listening mainly to MQA these days too. If you are that serious about MQA though why are you not going with an MQA capable DAC and then Roon support for MQA is not that important, A DAC that supports full MQA unfolding should be even better than any software that is just doing partial unfolding.


The translation database usually provides a good hint of what’s coming up in the next release. The database has very recently been populated with a lot of references to MQA, so my guess is that we’re only a couple of weeks away from MQA decoding in Roon.