I just switched to a Eero 6E Mesh router and Roon can no longer find audio devices

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Eero Mesh 6E
Netgear GS108 switch

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos Move
Bel Canto E1x

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I had a Netgear Nighthawk router that was not working well. I traded it in at Bestbuy for the brand new Eero 6E Mesh router. The Eero only has 1 network connector so I had to add a switch.

Now Roon can no longer find any audio devices. I spent a couple hours on the phone with Eero support and they gave up. The Nucleus shows up on the network as does my Bel Canto E1X.

Roon can not see my E1X nor can it find my Sonos speaker.
Before changing routers, Roon was fine. Now it can not find any audio devices.

As a preliminary step, I’d suggest rebooting all your connected audio devices and your core, assuming you haven’t already done so. If that doesn’t help, log in to the Eero 6e web interface (or app) and check that the missing devices are connected to your network.

I did reboot it and the nucleus and my Bel Canto E1x processor are both showing up on the Eero network. But now on Roon start up it just asks to choose your core and then after choosing the Nucleus it hangs on the start up with the Roon icon blinking as if it is searching but can’t find anything.

Hopefully support will be able to shed some light on what’s going on.

Could it be that you also assigned a static ip for your Nucleus?
Then he is not found in the new network.
Please have a look:

Here is the set up, but it wasn’t static when I checked. That being said I went ahead and followed above instructions.

Now we are back to roon not finding any audio devices.

It should see a Bel Canto E1X, a Sonos move, and an Anthem processor.

Is this the current setup?
I meant the setup with your old Netgear Nighthawk router.
If a static ip was assigned there, which is usually done to be able to call up the web ui without having to constantly use a different ip for the nucleus, and if the static ip was not set back to DHCP before the new router was set up, a device client is usually no longer found in the new network.

Can you show in the eero’s admin page all the connected devices and their LAN IP addresses? When you state Roon cannot see you E1X or you Sonos speaker, are these all on similar IP addresses?

Yes - this is the current setup. That router is gone and I have no idea what the set up was. Is that the typical set up? If so, it could have been static I suppose.

The Eero does not have an online admin page and is an app on the phone from which we can see settings, but here are the IP addresses for the following:

Bel Canto -
Nucleus -
Sonos -

I’m afraid so

OK. So, what does that mean? Is there anything we can do to fix this?

OK, so everything seems to be on the same network. What does your Roon Core see in the Settings → Audio tab in Roon?

It doesn’t find any audio devices…

Roon has a help guide for this case:

But wait please for @Robert_F

Thanks. We actually did that from an earlier post with no luck.

I was thinking @Axel_Lesch was onto something, but none of your Nucleus’ audio ports are showing, which does not seem correct. If you have a recent backup of your Roon Database, have your tried setting it from the Nucleus from your post #6? If you don’t have a recent backup, it may be worth creating one and then resettig the Roon database.

I don’t have a Nucleus or ROCK so this is a bit out of my comfort zone, but not seeing any audio devices on the Nucleus itself may mean another issue needs to be looked at, but not sure what it is.

I set up backups when I started withRoon, ThenRoon crashed and I found out that all my backups were empty so I lost everything and had to start over. Since then, I gave up on backups. I asked for help here but no one could figure out what happened

Makes no sense that everything is showing up , but they cant see each other. I’m at the point where I want to delete Roon and reload it but if gthat’s possible, I can’t figure out how.

Will someone else from Roon support see this and help?

Can you please try to briefly unplug all audio devices and then restart your router including the whole network?
Then turn all devices back on.
And next restart your core machine.

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