I Know, I just made a mistake!

Accidently deleted a Tidal album and need to recover it. How does one go about accomplishing this task? I tried the delete the cashe suggestion and restart the server, but these obviously didn’t do the trick.

Add that album back to your Tidal library? Either on Tidal direct, or via Roon


Search for the album one more, and then re-add it to you library.

It is no longer showing up for me add back in? That is my problem.

It’s not showing where? Under “search” field on Roon? Did you try it on the Tidal app on your phone, tablet, or computer? If you add it from Tidal app, it will automatically show in your Roon library.

I figured it out, I had the same album on CD and by removing it from my library the Tidal version shows back up under search. I can then add the Tidal and CD versions back and have both versions available.
Thanks for everyone’s help!

Oh great! Glad you figured it out. But perhaps this is a good time for you to familiarize yourself with the “versions” tab in your Roon.