I like to choose an album directly from a music sub-directory on my NAS

I have a QNAP TS653 PRO with a lot of music and organized well in many years. (80.000 albums)
I have made special year folders (1960 - 2022) with my 30 best albums for all these years.
Via my Squeezebox I could brows through my folders and select the folder for example 1975 and could select an album and play it.
I bought Roon recently and I could not find the possiblility to do the same.
Isn’t there a possibility to select a Year-folder and selct an album and play it ?

Provided that you have your albums each in their own folders so that Roon can easily identify them, then use Focus > Release Date to select the albums that you want.

I’m not sure that Roon easily understands the references in your playlists in those folders, but hey should be available under Playlists.
You have selected to import playlists in Storage settings?

Still, Geoffs suggestion is much better. You can the create a bookmark or tag the albums from each year.

And, one more thing. Your playlists are, in fact, a bunch of playlists (for each album), which likely won’t be “clumped” together by year (folder) in Roon, but this is over my paygrade! :wink:

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