I like to subscribe Qobuz

I try to sign up for Qobuz but require an invite, can Roon help? I like to subscribe the Hi-Res Sublime plan since Roon are partners with Qobuz…theres no point of me not having the best of both worlds.

Is Qobuz available yet in your country?

I am not aware of availability other than I see the price offer assuming I was able to hop into the web site

If aloud…
Signup via VPN, login without…its working here in DK, without probs

Thanks…I am located in US and the site accepts beta users only…I am out of luck at the moment unless you or anyone can invite. Not sure how this will work for me.

Did a signup in UK via VPN, login in DK without
Mayby try that, could work in US

I will look into this method Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s odd. I was turned down for the beta program because I didn’t meet their current criteria, but I used the free trial link in Roon. (Note: I needed to re-create my account after deleting my original account initially because my account was set to the UK and not USA which was preventing me from paying for SUBLIME+. After recreating my account and setting my country to USA I was able to purchase SUBLIME+ without issue.)