I love Roon because


I am loving the whole Roon experience so much. It’s such a paradigm shift in music listening. It has completely changed how I approach listening in general.

i am discovering new cool things about it even after a couple of weeks of constant use.

I wondered if it would be good to start a thread to highlight features we’re discovering which perhaps may be overlooked unless you dig a bit deeper or that are stumbled along by happy happenstance?

For example, and the reason for starting this thread, I had noticed that Roon doesn’t display album info for some albums after the initial scan, and I thought “oh well…never mind”. BUT you can select “Identify Album” if you Edit the album. This will very often come up with a solution with album review, etc. Cool!

So now, if I’m listening to an album and there’s no writeup, Ill Edit it and “Identify Album” and Roon will do its bit and come up with the goods. The only caveat is that the reason it didn’t find a match automatically at the initial scan is that maybe there’s a discrepancy with some tracks which precluded it for automatic addition at the auto-scan stage. This is easily fixed at the manual “Identify Album” stage and more often than not doesn’t even need fixing.

Any other tips and discoveries you’d like to share?


I’ll play. One feature I thought Roon was missing until I stumbled on it is the ability to build a queue in radio or play genre mode. Turns out that that thumbs up/thumbs down in the radio window will add or reject the proposed song and move to the next one. So you can actually build the queue out as far as you want to.


OH!!! I like that! Hahah. I didn’t know that either :slight_smile:
Love it…

keep em coming!

I like that one, Michael. Just messing with it now. It would be even nicer if the start radio could append to the existing queue. Possibilities are infinite, lol :slight_smile:

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Loving the way I can look at the History of all the tracks played and work with them like with any other area of Roon.

Eg… I can go back to the History after a session of listening and make a playlist. Powerful feature.

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Didn’t quite realise that once the scan of a HDD is complete and all the links and reviews and such are completed, the Core device doesn’t actually need to be connected to the internet. Really great for holidays and low bandwidth areas, or where generally internet isn’t good and/or expensive.

Very good stuff indeed!!

I find the Focus feature particularly powerful, with its ability to do both “AND” and “NOT” searches.

For example, you mentioned that some of your albums had not been identified. You can Focus and display just these albums. Useful if you want to have a session of helping Roon identify those albums.

  1. In the Album browser, click Focus.
  2. In the Focus window, move over to the right and click the Inspector button.
  3. Check the Identified box to show the green Identified selection criterion
  4. Click the green Identified criterion to turn it from an “AND” selection to a red “NOT” selection criterion.
  5. Exit Focus (click outside the Focus window), and your Album browser now shows all the albums that have not been identified by Roon.

Excellent idea Geoff!

I was mulling over the focus thing vaguely this morning, wondering about that very same thing. Thanks for “focusing” my mind on it :slight_smile:

As others on this forum have suggested, I went through and added an MQA tag to all the TIDAL masters in my library (254 of 7240 albums). Simple matter to focus on that tag from the artists or albums view. You could add any user defined tag (e.g. songs from high school, songs my ex liked, songs I got lucky to, songs I didn’t get lucky to…) – I’m just imagining new possibilities as I type this.

How do you know which ones are the Masters? Mine are all mixed in with all the other Tidal albums in my collection.

Ref the tags thing in general, how does it really differ from playlists, apart from appearing along with genre tags in album views? Im sure there are obvious differences, but I’m feeling a bit dim today; up all night, playing with Roon, lol.

I had to open the tidal app and go the masters list there looking for the ones I had favorited – took me a couple of hours.

On the TAG question… I’ve never been a playlist guy - every time I listen is a new experience for me. With user defined tag though, you can go to the album view and click on the tag button at top to view albums with that tag. I can you relating it to genre, it basically allows you to take any other characteristic you’re interested (studio, label, session crew, etc…) and treat it like a genre.

aha, but that’s not even a complete list :frowning: - you mean on the home page, new arrivals and such?


There is some Google doc floating round.

I gave up in the end trying to differentiate. Until they get their act together and allow for searching specifically for MQA, it’s on my life’s too short list. I mean, frankly speaking, how backward are they with their marketing, to make MQA hi res albums a major USP and then cripple its use by not allowing direct searching or even flagging of “Masters”, lol. Haha.

I’m happy to wait. Enough to be going on with… :slight_smile:

Ref tags and playlists, im with you on that. I make the bloody things and then forget about them, lol. I enjoy listening to the music whilst making them. I still like albums, call me old fashioned. I am enjoying the organic nature of Roon, linking from idea to idea; the musical journey. That’s fascinating. I will have to experiment with tags…

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Yes unfortunately but I don’t know a way to search for mqa in tidal - wish I did as I’ve had my meridian explorer 2 for a bout 5 days now and am loving it…

yeah well - the day they figure out to differentiate them is probably the day they jack the price up…

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David, just a couple more suggestions you may want to consider. 1) If you haven’t already - register on Last.FM and link your roon account. That records, compiles, analyzes everything you reply and produces nice graphic reports like this:

It also makes pretty well informed recommendations on new music for you to check out…

  1. Frequent the 'What are you listening to now?" thread — I’ve learned about at least five new artists there in the last couple of weeks that are right in my wheelhouse.


Will check it out Michael, thanks. Ive always seen mention of LastFM, never bothered to research further. And “Scrobbling” is one of those new words which just makes me laugh, haha.

ps… you’ve hi-jacked my music collection, I see :slight_smile: - Commander Cody, now there’s a blast from the past… I had the double live album on vinyl back in the day, Hot Rod Lincoln! Yeha! Just found it on flac again after all these years, oddly enough.

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yeah, those are one-week stats. the week before was all roots and newgrass. I tend to go on binges…

Yeah i hear you on binges, same here, but it usually creeps back to the bluesy stuff with me. Digressing, but i discovered Tony Furtado today. Really impressive range from blues to roots to newgrass. If you don’t know him give him a whirl.

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I just found out that I can stream via a remote device whilst listening to Roon on the core; ie at the same time.

Never occured to me before to try. But it works.