I love roon + plus it’s ARC

I love roon - it allows me to listen to music…

Was, as, is

ARC I’m sure wil help too

p.s. any recommendations?

The biggest issue is setting up your router to get it working securely. Once done it works nicely with CarPlay on the move! Listening to Roon Radio in the car is quite the experience.

Thank you ROON team! Loving 2.0 and ARC

Thank you Henry… much appreciated

I’m certain I’ll connect ARC to my core at some point

Just glad the music is still flowing

Set up was easy 1.8 to 2.0 on a Synology NAS 6.4.x. Needed the ARC Roon app version for iPhone to install and update the Roon app from the App Store as well. Enabled UPnP on my router including discovery and everything works as expected. Very happy with ARC because I can stream my Roon library to my car via 4G.

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Sorry for not being fully up to speed… can you choose depending on bandwidth what SQ you want? Could/can you receive 44/16

Hi Oliver. On 4G it is lossy not high quality

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Fair - it is all that’s need out and about… what are we looking at AAC 320?