"I love Roon" threads are useless

The point of these gushing “I luuuuuurve Roon” threads escapes me. There ARE parts of Roon that do not work well.

It’s important to keep the devs aware of this by pointing out the deficiencies time and time again until they get fixed.

I for my part am more than a little tired of seeing each and every valid critical observation about Roon being ridiculed by the Roon equivalent of Beatlemania.


Couldn’t agree more!

You can’t improve if you can’t see the faults. Drowning out valid criticism just because something works for “you” is just plain selfish


But, @Frank_Daman, those of us that are generally satisfied to overly happily with Roon don’t understand people that are hypercritical of Roon like yourself. You don’t just point out problems, you attack with the ferociousness of a tiger. That gets you nowhere…


No, it’s not important to do it “time and time again” – that’s just an annoying personality trait – my 2 year old shares it and it gets her nowhere either.

When we acknowledge your complaint, what more can you do? Be more irritating? That makes no sense.

That’s a pretty bold assumption for you to make. We see the faults, and improve stuff with every release. That said, sometimes we chose to pass on certain requests/features/“faults”. For example, we’ve chosen to pass on @Frank_Daman’s object-specific-search requests.



By your own forum rules, personal attacks are not allowed.


… particularly when they are directed to a two year old child.

Did I make a personal attack?

I said nothing about you at all, and I told @Seabreeze that he/she is making a bold assumption and that we’ve passed on your feature request. I’m not seeing the attack.

If you are commenting on the only other thing I said (the annoying personality trait of repeating yourself until you are heard), I attacked the technique, not any person. Nor did I accuse anyone of executing that technique (other than my unnamed 2 year old daughter).

Please clarify where a personal attack was made and I’ll remedy the situation.


All right, that’s clarified then. Clever use of semantics, I’ll grant you that.


Is also clever use of semantics I must say. When a complaint is “acknowledged” in an offhand way without follow-through, it follows that you’ll get subsequent complaints.

Most married people know this kind of behavior results in divorces. Those that don’t will find out the hard way.

Any chance we can get back to the music, please?


Given that I’m not allowed to love Roon and god forbid post about it… can anybody recommend something I can complain about? People not satisfied with Roon, where do you need help? I’m here for you.


I didn’t start this thread. My reply was taken out of another thread and moved here. Personally I don’t see the point of general “for” or “against” threads. So why would I want to create an equally useless “I don’t luuuuuuurve Roon” thread?

Besides, I keep using Roon, don’t I? Must be that the good bits still outweigh the bad bits.

So: @moderators: would whomever snipped my reply from the original thread please put it back or else clearly indicate that I did NOT create this thread or had any intention to create it.

Must be something in the forum rules about that. If not, there should be.

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Because it was off topic.

This isn’t that, please reread the topic title. I think it’s pretty accurate, at least to my understanding of your position.

I’m unsure if you’ve actually created any of them, but you sure are a fixture in the ones that do exist.

Since general “love/don’t love” threads have only one topic, namely which side of the line forum members consider themselves to be on, my post in the original thread was bang on topic.

This forum habit of declaring posts that counterweigh gushing off topic is like a six year old crying unfair and taking his ball home.

Quite a bit of energy wasted on debating ““opinions” on these forums and especially THIS thread. Y’all need to grow up. Two year olds are looking pretty reasonable and less boneheaded and narcissistic than you guys.

Take a breath :smirk:


Yes, @FastHound , it seems to be the way offline and online communities are frequently conducting themselves. Opinions on an expensive-yet-benign audio software and its developers fall into an opinion battle…and it is a debate instead of a dialog. Therefore, to me, it seems similar to the thought process of I am going to urinate in your wine because I don’t like wine.

I believe the developers and a company deserve to know they make a good product just as often as they deserve to know how it can be improved upon. It’s called encouragement. I know I need it in my job and those I work with.

I will continue to offer both to Roon, even when it rubs one “side” the wrong way.

I am out.


‘“I love Roon” threads are useless’ threads are useless. /meta

@danny I think you misunderstood my comment. My post was directed at the endless Roon fanboys that jump in to any thread potentially perceived as negative - whether it be asking for new feature or pointing out gaps or flaws in Roon’s ‘s implementation (Roon Radio, Playlists, vertical scrolling etc) with the inevitable “It works for me”, or “I only use albums and don’t care for playlists/radio” or “I Luuve Roon, so your problems don’t matter” posts.

These posts are dismissive of other’s use cases or problems and drown out valuable discussion on areas where Roon can be improved.

To be fair, you and most of the Roon staff do acknowledge some of these posts as providing valuable feedback for further product development.


Absolutely. As when someone posts a quite reasonable criticism of Roons search capabilities for classical music that goes unanswered by Roon themselves and then someone else says “I only have two classical CDs myself, the best of classical music volume 1 and 2 , and I can’t see why you are complaining”.

I love Roon, but I’m not sure Roon loves me back. When was the last time you bought me flowers?

Or chocolates?

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