I’m Happy with Roon

I have great sympathy for those having problems with Roon. I, however, think Roon is a great product.

I use Roon remote with 2 different generations of iPads, 2 different iPhones, 2 different laptops, 3 different audio systems, AND a whole house system that Roon doesn’t support, and Roon runs virtually flawlessly.

When there are problems in my systems, it is always attributable to a NAS issue, a network issue or an equipment issue, but not a Roon issue.

There are certain changes I would prefer in the user interface, but I, for one, am a happy user…


Nice Greg - I’m sure the bulk of us are happy users, which certainly doesn’t mean we don’t want more or seek further advancements for the betterment of all concerned; including the growth of this product.

Suffice to say, as with many things in life, it is the vocal minority that create the loudest noise.

Cheers & happy listening.


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It’s always good to hear from people who enjoy Roon, and I know the Roon staff get a kick from it.

However, don’t let your general satisfaction mask feedback. If there are things that you’d like to see improved, whether in the UI or otherwise, make sure to let the devs know. You can “like” another post or post yourself in this thread, or any other relevant thread. Start your own Feature Request if there isn’t a relevant one.

Because Roon doesn’t talk about future development (for good reasons imo) it can feel like feedback is being cast on stony ground. That isn’t the case, but it does help to keep threads crisp and clear of irrelevant debate.

The time between a Feature Request and implementation in the software can be years. Users tend to underestimate what is required to be done and the effect of competition for scarce development resources. This is obviously frustrating. Fortunately we have good music to listen to while green shoots develop.

Some users give the impression that if they are sufficiently rude about Roon staff then their concerns will be more speedily addressed. But there is no “Team B” waiting in the wings to take over. Just ordinary humans trying their best to make decisions about difficult choices. In my experience rudeness is counterproductive and masks feedback rather than accentuating it.


On this subject, I am a relatively new Roon user who just tried it with an Audioquest DragonFly Cobalt with a MBP for the first time this weekend. It seems a little odd that you need to put the volume all the way to 100% in the Roon app and use your MBP
volume to get it to show ‘purple’ for MQA tracks. Why is this and is there a way to fix this so we can have both MQA and Roon volume control remotely?

I don’t think I understand the whole issue here…
If you use Roon to control the volume its a form of digital signal processing. Since the original source material is modified by the DSP, it is no longer ‘bit perfect’ and will show up as enhanced (blue) rather than purple.
If you use MQA and decode/render it, you will also modify the source and the signal will become ‘enhanced’.
I don’t understand the part about ‘have both MQA and Roon volume control remotely’.

I don’t have to do that at all works fine at any volume for MQA or standard hires if your using headphone out. If your using line out level you need it as fixed or 100% to get line level but it should mqa decode at ant level. I don’t use a Mac but it works across Linux and Windows. Are you sure it’s set up correctly and you have device Volume or fixed volume if using lineout set as Volume control it’s set as Renderer only and Roon MQA Decoding is on.