I’m using optical rendu and all my songs just scroll through and don’t play any advice on this

Roon Core Machine

Sonic orbiter

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Nighthawk router/Ethernet cable

Connected Audio Devices

Optical rendu usb to benchmark D3dac

Number of Tracks in Library

10.000 tracks

Description of Issue

Pull up an album and start first song says playing 8 tracks then it scrolls through the album and stops Another album same thing

Have you tried rebooting the audio and network equipment?

Yes I tried everything I know

Power off the DAC. Connect the USB DAC directly to the Roon Core, power on the DAC, change Roon audio settings as needed, and see if it plays this way.

Ok I will check it out

Every time I try to play any album on my small green computer it just skips through albums spoke to Andrew and he said it’s a Roon problem need help to figur this out this is my second post yes I rebooted yes I un plugged and reset all I’m getting aggravated and I need tech support thanks

Already tried to disconnect everything from the power supply and start at the router after 5 minutes device by device turn on again, log on?

…has helped many.

No I’m just loosing my mind at this point Andrew tried to help roon told me to install 2.8 did that nothing works

I would so love to help, but my knowledge here is also limited. It will not be a simple error that a device is not switched on, or the plug connection is not perfect. Here everything is actually running only the sound does not come, because songs are skipped.

Do these jumps happen everywhere? Local, Qobuz, Tidal? Do the songs play with Browser, with iTunes, Windows Media Player, Foobar2000 or other players?

Sure support needs some time to figure out the solution, but 7 days of patience would drive me crazy too.

But it’s good that in the meantime more ideas come from the community, so that even an attempt can be made to fix the problem. Of course, if it basically occurs in this configuration, only a developer can make the necessary improvement.

I also don’t think that this was simply overlooked, I think they are in the process of solving it. It’s just that nobody likes to talk about things that are still in progress.

Hey @mike_albano,

We’re so sorry we weren’t here to help when you most needed it. Please, accept our sincere apologies :pleading_face:

I wanted to see, since it’s been almost two weeks, if this was still an issue you’re facing. If it is, could you please let us know?