I made a new thread... [satire]

Hey, look!! I made a new thread. Why did I make it? Was there any valid reason for doing so? Absolutely…

Because if I reply to a thread that has 200 comments on it, my voice will be diluted. Maybe my comment won’t be seen. So make a new thread to say what has already been said. That doesn’t matter, because what has been said hasn’t been said by ME. This forum is missing its most important voice and opinions… mine.

Whew. Crisis averted.

Man, this forum is a really good window on society and the world we live in. My opinions trump all others.

Time for me to crawl back into my hole. Enjoy the music all. And try not sweat the small stuff… there’s a pandemic or something going on.


Sorry I’m gonna hijack this thread, as my issue is more important. When I start Roon it doesn’t seem to know what I want to listen to, can we get some AI Features to figure out what I want to play today please.


You guys are killing me :joy:

I for one think that the I made a new thread thread is a massive failure. For starters that scrolling direction is bringing me :-1:


Moderators, can you merge this with the thread on 1.8 being [insert adjective]?


I refuse to use the software until the playback screen lets me play songs in reverse at 33, 45 or 78 RPM because allegedly if we play Queen backwards at different speeds we will all turn into devil-worshipping drug addicts. Which at the moment might not be such a bad thing.


Darn, I thought this would be the “Roon 1.8 is so-so” thread. That option is sorely missing.


No way.
This is one of those rare threads where you never see a mod stepping in, let’s keep it that way…

Oh, hang on…


Merge? Just delete. Nothing of merit here.

:scream: Sadly #OUTRAGE is the new national pass-time. RIP Baseball or whatever. Bugs will be fixed, features will be improved, everyone will (hopefully) survive the Roon 1.8, whatever your perspective, pandemic :face_with_thermometer: or panic :crazy_face:. I’ll be cleaning my room (both proverbially and literally :laughing:) while listening to Roon 1.8 rather than adding to the pile here (albeit entirely predictable and why I generally stay away from what has become a more toxic than not community :cry:). Sad truth. The infinitely variable dream of perfection is indeed the enemy of good or better or done.

Keep your collective heads up Roon Team, my minor nits aside, 1.8 is absolutely on the right track.

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lol, as vertical scrolling should :heart_eyes:

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Does anyone else find it really annoying that the avatar images on this thread are all circular?


And many are purple. Or close to purple. Or might be purple. Or may end up purple.

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This thread appears to be a massive failure! Outrageous! :laughing:

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This thread is absolutely gorgeous!


The purple makes some people see red and feel blue.

I agree with the thread title, mqa is indeed disappointing. …wait a minute…I mean my lumin remote sounds better than your remote…wait a minute…

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This thread reminds me of this song…

The bottom end of this thread has been sucked out. It has no presence or slam.

  1. The “I made a new thread …” font is a total disaster!
  2. For best SQ with 1.8 in USA, should I be using the top or bottom receptacle on my wall outlet?

Mods, Is it ok for me to post this here, or should I start a new thread?

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