I miss the first second of songs

Core Machine

Roon Rock, Nuc8i3Beh - 8 Gigas ram

Network Details

Next gen Router, swtch aqvox se, all conecte with ethernet cable Linkup

Audio Devices

SOTM Sms 200 Neo, usb conected to Dac Gold Note Ds-10

Library Size

6598 albums

Description of Issue

I miss the first second of songs.

I did try all resinc delay i have now 10000 ms.

I havo no upsample.

Hey @cristian_garcia,

Thanks a whole lot for taking a moment to reach out and let us know of the behavior you’re experiencing. We’re sorry about that…

How often does this happen? Have you noticed any patterns as to what songs seem to trigger this? Certain qualities or sources or anything like that?

If you play to a different endpoint (like System Output of your Core) does the same behavior occur?


I have the same issue with Chord Hugo M Scaler when I sttart plaing new, not if the song starts as next from a playlist.

This is just because it takes some dacs a second to lock on to the signal and some apply muting before this happens.

There’s a setting in roon to introduce a delay before playing starts, try setting to 500ms and you’ll find the problem goes away

You can increase it by as much as it takes to fix the issue. My old auralic did the same thing.