I mistakenly duplicated all albums in database

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Intel i5 CORE which has no issues

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No network issues. Iomega NAS

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I have two storage devices connected to my CORE. One is a NAS and the other a USB connected SSD. I have Roon set to watch for new additions on both. I mistakenly (stupidly) forced a rescan and many/most of my albums show up twice now. Is there a way to reverse this or do I need to delete the whole database and start again?

That sounds strange, since rescanning the already watched folders shouldn’t change anything.
I’ve done that in the past without causing havoc to the database :thinking:

That said, you could always restore a backup from before the mishap - but it needs to be understood what happened, actually.

You do have different content in your two storage locations, right?
You probably also know not to include Roon’s backup folder in the watched ones.

Let’s see, what @support and other users have to contribute to solve the mystery.

Thanks - I panicked a bit before realizing I could do a restore and that seems to have worked out.
The two storage units have basically the same album files but are not 100% duplicates. I use the SSD as another backup that I can sometimes move to another system and it’s not an exact copy of the NAS. I think Roon saw them as individual sources and just copied both. I don’t have Roon’s backup as watched. Are you saying Roon should have recognized identical albums/files and ignored one?
Things are OK again so support shouldn’t waste time on this - my bad!

The two storage locations are individual sources, and my guess is that this is not good practice, rather asking for trouble to have Roon watch both…

Better to just watch your main location and manually copy/synch to the portable SSD.

BTW, for what reason do you add both to Roon’s watched folders, anyway?

So true- bad practice. Not sure why I did it - I think I just got lazy about copying files to both after ripping. I’ve removed the SSD watch folder.
Thanks everyone for responses and sorry for the false alarm. I’ve been a Roon user for several years but only quasi- technical and more of a user than tinkerer. Sometimes it’s awhile before I try something different and this time it bit me in the ass!

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