I moved my music files and the ROON database to the new core is this right?

So the music is in the new core and visible, and I moved the ROON database… Things work OK.

BUT, should I expect the following as an example:

Missing Qobuz all titles that were saved with my music ?

Missing Album Edits to the Title I made on some albums ?

Missing up sampling ?

Missing some settings ?

If not I must have done something wrong ? I have to do some things over ?


How did you move the DB? A restore from backup is the right way.

Well I am guessing incorrectly ! I moved it thru the Network. I realized I did not do it thru the “DB backup button”, below the login info.

That said, can I do it again thru the “DB backup button”, below the login info ???

Should I delete what I just put into the ROONDB folder, so this hopefully correctly installed DB goes into an clean folder ?
Thank You !

Yes, that’s probably a good idea. This guide should be your guide :wink:

This is what I suspected, I appreciate it and will report back how it went !

Thank You

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