I need help importing my Mac music folder to my Sonic Transporter, and then Roon accessing that

My problem started when I followed the instructions to update the software of my Sonic Transporter to v2.8, because of a so-called improvement to Roon. The net result of attempting to upgrade my software was that my ST apparently died suddenly, which led to Andrew Gilles from Small Green Computer suggesting I send my ST in for repair. He needed it back.

It was returned a week or so later, working, but my library on my ST was gone. No instructions or any meaningful assistance to fixing that. I’ve spent the past week struggling in re-import all the music files on my MacBook Pro back into my ST, where my Roon Core is located. All efforts have failed. The files are ‘there’ on the ST, but half of them are inexplicably greyed out.

In any case Roon is not seeing any of the files.

I feel hopelessly out of my depth and I’m getting sick and tired of the whole geek thing. I simply want to listen to music. Frankly, I don’t mind admitting that I need someone to walk me through this process.

Is there someone at Roon who can assist?

Hey @Jeremy_Jones,

I am dismayed that it’s been so long since you first contacted us… I can only apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

I was wondering, can you access the music files in the storage location and play them with another player, like VLC for example?