I need some advice on speakers

Hi everybody,
I’m in the process of thinking about changins speakers.
Currently I own a couple of Paradigm Mini Monitor v7 throgh a Yamaha AX-369.
Which ones do you think would be the best upgrade?

-Klipsch R15m Reference
-Klipsch R24f
-Monitor Audio Bronze 2
-Kef Q150
-Dali Oberon 3

I listen to Metal almost exclusively, and I’m going towards trying to get more definition rather than volume.
Thanks for your advices!!

Ax 369 or 396?
Either way, personally I’d keep the speakers and get a better amplifier. The paradigms are Much better than the amp.

AX-396 sorry

I would encourage you to listen to the speakers before you purchase. I own a full compliment of Monitor Audio Gold Reference, including surrounds. If you can move up one rung to the Silver, I can recommend those for sure.

I agree. Speakers are certainly the one thing you absolutely need to audition, particularly if you don’t have or have heard other versions of the speakers. Almost anything will work, and generally speaking a more expensive speaker can sound better. But you can only find true love by dating these things.

I’d definitely agree that you should get a better amp to start with, something with a bit of muscle. Those are decent speakers.

You might get more definition from adjusting the speakers placement vs listening position and some room treatments… It would be interesting to see what an acoustic room analyzer would show… Are you aware of REW (Room EQ Wizard) free software… If you are dead set on buying something new I would suggest you listen before you buy… Amp and speakers…