I noticed that lifetime price Increased!

Thank You to AQ Jitterbug bring me to ROON for trial 4 years ago then directly to Lifetime for $449 and no regrets !

i will continue as an annual subscriber. so, you have accomplished your goal in my case.

however, i will just add that when i signed up there was an option given by roon to convert my annul sub into a lifetime sub for the price of $499 with the unused portion of the annual sub applied to the price at the time of conversion. this option was a consideration in subscribing to roon and in initially choosing the annual sub.

this option has now been canceled and replaced with one having a $699 price – without notice

sure, you can do this… it is just not the way i would have effected a price increase.

again, just a generic example intended to bring attention to the business practices of other companies.

He’s pointing out to you that your example is not equivalent to what happened with the Roon Lifetime subscription.

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I am not a fan of the increase, but I do not understand why this thread is full of people complaining that they missed the chance, @danny stated that all who write to him now, will get lifetime for the old price. So really no problem at the moment. Future customers will see the pricetag and decide, if they want it or not. So really no harm done (atleast to the folks who read the forum).

I went straight to life after my trial - since I decided if I put all the work into grooming my library in Roon - it is a life decision - so I paid the onetime fee and hope Roon survives as long as I do. :wink:
I would not want to pay an annual fee to listen to my own music, it is a pschological barrier for me.

I do understand that annual plans are better for the future of the Roonies - a constant flow of income. I am simply not the greatest fan of subs - have too many already…

So to those who are up for life now, calm down get the offer for 499 and future Roon customers will not even know that this price ever existed. In the very beginnig of Roon, life was even cheaper - but I was too late for that, or better yet did not really have too much interest in Roon when it started years ago.


this has been mentioned twice and is not correct according to this post.

This is false. See above. I will make a new post explaining this more clearly and the rationale why.

Would you be so kind and extend this offer for those too who’s yearly subscription near the end, please?

Ours will end in weeks now and we definitely planned to go Lifetime.

Thank you for considering!


Then my interpretation of what you wrote during the thread was too generous :wink:

I am sure a clear statement pinned in the forum would help - not everyone reads the complete thread.

My first year’s subscription is up in January. I think Roon is worth the new and old price. I regret not making the jump to lifetime within that first year, but I am more sad about that and not upset with Roon. I COMPLETELY understand why they want a subscription-based model, and thanks, Danny, for stating exactly why more than once in this thread.

I may still bite on lifetime. Like many others here, I have too many subscriptions, and not having to worry about a Roon one may just suit me. I just wish it hadn’t come during the holiday period when my cash is already spoken for.

Thanks for all the hard work you all put into this product. Keep it up!


Have I missed something, if I write to @Danny I can get life for 499 still?

If you didn’t want to spend $499, why would $699 matter?


Only if you are part way through the 14 day trial.

Edit, as James says below it’s 30 days: Lifetime price Increased! $499 -> $699

It’s a 30 day look-back.

hi I got an introduction from Sam Audio and used it. But suddenly, the news of the hike brought great confusion within the Korean community.

But Netflix does not offer an alternative lifetime subscription.

I’m going to close out this topic because I’ve created this one with a proper message from us instead:

I have tried to address all the feedback from this topic over there, so thank you for the questions and comments.

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It wasn’t just music.
I remembered where I saw it, it was a New York Times article about how the internet turned out to be a cesspool and we have to pay to avoid the bad stuff.
You can read it here — if you have paid for the New York Times paywall:

Online Cesspool Got You Down? You Can Clean It Up, For a Price

And now? Well, check your credit-card statement. Today’s internet is full of premium subscriptions, walled gardens and virtual V.I.P. rooms, all of which promise a cleaner, more pleasant experience than their free counterparts. The pay walls have been rebuilt, and the artists no longer work for tips. Hundreds of millions of people shell out for Netflix accounts, Patreon podcasts, Twitch streams, Spotify and news subscriptions. The average American spent more than $1,300 on digital media last year. Even Hulu pulled the plug on its free tier in 2016, giving users the choice of paying $7.99 a month or watching “Ugly Betty” elsewhere.