I/O issue now where there was none

Thank u
Funny due to my ongoing nucleus issues NAS and Nucleus are rebooted frequently

Nice of you to offer to look at the album

It’s about 1.1 gb…

What’s best way to get that to you?

There are like 6 of them but would be interested in what u find out about at least one

Hey @thomas_clark1,

Can you please upload the the albums to Dropbox, Google Drive or a similar service and post a link here? Please be sure to turn on “sharing by link”, instructions on how to do so for Dropbox can be found here and for Google Drive can be found here.

If you don’t have one, please, let us know and we’ll share an alternate solution :nerd_face:

here you go…appreciate your help

Hey @thomas_clark1,

Thanks a whole lot for sharing these. They are now with our technical team - they’ll take a look and follow up as soon as they can :nerd_face:

Stay tuned :pray:

Any info available on these files?
Thank you

Hi Thomas, I’m sorry the QA team has been busy with some testing projects but I hope to have more information for you very soon. I"ll be in touch ASAP.

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Sent some files to u guys to be analyzed some time ago.
Any word on them?

Hey @thomas_clark1,

Thank you so much for including that information and keeping in touch :pray:

After investigation, we’d be grateful if you could try this:

  • Make a copy of these files outside of the watched folder
  • Delete the current ones
  • Move the copy back into the watched folder

Does this help?

If the issue persists, could you please immediately after grab a set of logs and send them our way? Please, write down the date and time too.

Thanks a bunch :pray:

Think.ive tried this bit will again and let you know

I did as you suggested but the files still have a problem with Roon…they play fine on other players.
I had sent some of the files to you awhile back to be looked at…has anything come of that?
thank you

@thomas_clark1 it might also be worth adding in an additional step, just after you delete the current files, i.e. Settings → Library → Clean up library → Clean up ‘n’ deleted files

This will remove all reference to these files from Roon’s database prior to them being re-added. This may well make no difference, but I figured it’s worth a try.

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Thanks @DaveN! I think that’s a brilliant suggestion :blush:

What were the results of the analysis of the files I uploaded to you some weeks ago?

Hey @thomas_clark1,

I am so sorry for failing to mention this in my previous message: our team has tested the files you’ve shared and they worked perfectly in Roon on our end. This being the case, it is very likely that some environmental factors are at play.

Did you get a chance to clean up the library, and try this?

  • Make a copy of these files outside of the watched folder
  • Delete the current ones
  • Move the copy back into the watched folder
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So bizarre…I had a feeling but wanted to check 1st
Love Roon but damn it’s quirky.
I haven’t tried to hard with your suggestions as I wanted to make sure there wasn’t problems with the files.
Knowing they are fine I will now get more serious with the troubleshooting suggestions you have sent.
So weird…why those random files???

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Hey @thomas_clark1,

I do appreciate the candidness and that affection combined with annoyance :sweat_smile: . I would lie to say I couldn’t relate.

Thanks for being willing to try :pray:

No doubt we are both in the category of "clever "
May be putting the cart before the horse but if the steps you have suggested don’t fix things any ideas about next steps?

This is very weird.
There were 10 folders with music files in them that were not recognized by ROON and listed as having I/O problems.
As suggested I deleted those 10 folders from my watched file on my NAS
I then re scanned my my Roon library and deleted the files through Roon as suggested.

I then re added to of the folders and ran another library scans.

The 2 added folders were again not recognized
When Iooked in the library at skipped files the 10 folders as well as the 2 I re added were still listed

It still had 8 folders listed on the Skipped track list even though I had deleted them from my watched folders.


Any thoughts on why, after I delete the “I/O” files from the watched folder on my NAS and after deleting deleted files from Roon library, that the files are still listed on the “skipped files” list?
I also rescan the watched folder after deleting.
Thank you

Hey @thomas_clark1,

Thanks for setting aside some time to explore the steps we suggested. I am grateful :pray:

Since I/O can cover a broader range of issues, I wonder if you’d be up to try one more thing: have those music files at a different location than on the NAS.

In other words, if you have an external drive or a USB stick or a computer, could you please copy the files there and then set that location up as a storage location in Roon in Settings → Services.

Can Roon read it from there?