I/O issue now where there was none

So bizarre…I had a feeling but wanted to check 1st
Love Roon but damn it’s quirky.
I haven’t tried to hard with your suggestions as I wanted to make sure there wasn’t problems with the files.
Knowing they are fine I will now get more serious with the troubleshooting suggestions you have sent.
So weird…why those random files???

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Hey @thomas_clark1,

I do appreciate the candidness and that affection combined with annoyance :sweat_smile: . I would lie to say I couldn’t relate.

Thanks for being willing to try :pray:

No doubt we are both in the category of "clever "
May be putting the cart before the horse but if the steps you have suggested don’t fix things any ideas about next steps?

This is very weird.
There were 10 folders with music files in them that were not recognized by ROON and listed as having I/O problems.
As suggested I deleted those 10 folders from my watched file on my NAS
I then re scanned my my Roon library and deleted the files through Roon as suggested.

I then re added to of the folders and ran another library scans.

The 2 added folders were again not recognized
When Iooked in the library at skipped files the 10 folders as well as the 2 I re added were still listed

It still had 8 folders listed on the Skipped track list even though I had deleted them from my watched folders.


Any thoughts on why, after I delete the “I/O” files from the watched folder on my NAS and after deleting deleted files from Roon library, that the files are still listed on the “skipped files” list?
I also rescan the watched folder after deleting.
Thank you

Hey @thomas_clark1,

Thanks for setting aside some time to explore the steps we suggested. I am grateful :pray:

Since I/O can cover a broader range of issues, I wonder if you’d be up to try one more thing: have those music files at a different location than on the NAS.

In other words, if you have an external drive or a USB stick or a computer, could you please copy the files there and then set that location up as a storage location in Roon in Settings → Services.

Can Roon read it from there?

I’m reluctant to screw around like that
I’ve done it before and everything got screwed up royally.
Could you answer my question 1st?

Why when I delete the files in question and rescan the watched folder would the deleted files still show up on the skipped files.

I’m a simple guy but it seems if the files are no longer in the watched folder they shouldn’t be listed on the skipped files list…

Where am I wrong?

Thank you

Apologies and empathy to you for having to read another email from me on this subject

I love Roon. It’s unrivaled in what it does.
It’s a beautiful thing.

On the other hand I’m reluctant to change or experiment much because IN my experience ROON is terribly temperamental. This might be fine if the Support structure allowed for timely resolution to a problem. In my experience it does not.
For me a solution can take weeks or even months.
As I have said i feel this is inappropriate for a service and equipment people pay for.
For example I began seeking help on this issue on 8/30 and weeks later we really are not close to a solution.

I really do appreciate your help but the advice of moving the files in question is pretty basic for the time that has passed.

So I’m reluctant to move the files and steer roon to that location because I’m afraid something will go wrong and I won’t get a solution for weeks within this current support system.

I feel bad about writing all if that cause I love the product and individuals like you and Dylan are trying to help.
It’s not a good support system…its terribly ineffective and inefficient.

If you are still with me could you please tell me why the files are still listed on the skipped files list when they are no longer in the watched folder?
It seems that this should not be possible

Thank you again for your help but I’ve lost all faith in Roons ability to quickly address technical issues


Hey @thomas_clark1,

I wish I could have replied yesterday when you first posted after my question, but I wanted to get your case to our technical team before I said anything more, just to make sure we’re on the right path.

Before I start, I wanted to thank you (again) for your collaboration and deep appreciation of Roon. It’s quite amazing to see :star_struck:

Why when I delete the files in question and rescan the watched folder would the deleted files still show up on the skipped files.

We could reproduce this on our end as well. A force rescan in the storage location will actually remove the deleted files.

As far as the music files themselves, I wonder if you could please rename them in such a way that gets rid of the last period in them. Since we can import the files fine on our end, I wonder if maybe the NAS has trouble reading those somewhat strange ending.

Thanks a million :pray:

Fascinating you could reproduce on your end.
I’m assuming having files still on skipped files list after they are deleted is not normal?
I did many a force rescan via ROON of watched folder and the files are still included on skipped file list…could you perhaps shed some light on that phenomenon?

It’s a good suggestion to change file labels which I will do today and let you know what happened

Thank you

Less hopeful re:: removing the period as all of my 156000 tracks have period at end of track name

Great News!
I finally saw the periods you were referring to. I deleted them and some periods in other listed files and Roon now recognizes them. Nice Work! Brilliant!
Thank You …this is really great


Hey @thomas_clark1,

Thanks for taking us with you every step of the way, only to finally arrive at a solution: I wish we would have looped in @noris back in August and not yesterday… he was the one who noticed the periods.

I am at a loss for words at your patience and help after this long.

Thanks for being willing to go through the work of adjusting the names of the files. How wonderful music is back :dancer:

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