I really don’t understand some people who post on this and some other threads in the Roon forum

Not many people use Tidal. It’s also expensive, and arguably worse than other available services. There are going to be many many more posts about people requesting Apple Music or Spotify integration.

Most people get it that Roon have tried to get integration with these services and have yet to be successful . But is that the end of it, or are they going to keep trying? I believe it to be within Roons and Roons users best interest for survival to ensure that this happens.

Could you clarify this point? Are you saying not many Roon users use Tidal, I think that is false. Is Tidal much smaller than Spotify, Apple, and Amazon…. Sure.

More broadly on the OP, I am glad the Roon team allows all different kinds of posts and keeps some broad rails to keep the conversations civil. Are there endless threads of people talking past each other, yes, but there are also fabulous tips and nuggets from people with decades of audiophile experience.

The negativity or self-centered view of some posters is not out of line with all Internet forums and social media, the anonymity gives people to write things they might not say out loud or face to face.

The industry is in a lot of flux, bumpy roads ahead!

I think you’ll probably find that a lot of Roon users use Tidal. I’d be pretty confident that more Roon users use Tidal than any other music streaming service.

I would also hazard a guess that not many Roon users would be interested in the inclusion of Apple Music, Amazon or Spotify in Roon unless it meant pretty much full integration in the way that Roon offers with Tidal or Qobuz. Of course, it would pretty much take a miracle for this to happen.

Without this, you would be just as well off using their native apps rather than Roon.


Just waited for bit perfect playback on Android for 4 years, I don’t think I’m asking too much for paid software like ROON?

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99.9% lifetime Roon member very happy no matter what :grin: :grin: :grin:

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So if one doesn’t agree with you, one is a vilain?

Not sure why people keep having a go at Tidal for using MQA, I don’t have an MQA dac, don’t use Tidal as I prefer music choice on Qobuz, but have no problem with others liking and using it .
If Roon lost both I still have 2.5k albums ripped on my Nas to play and 3k L.P’s so as long as Roon keep going I will use it.
Live and let live.


You guys keep arguing and fighting… I’m gonna listen to some cool music…with Roon BTW, which I like very much BTW… :heart:


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I like Roon and I have invested in Roon (Nucleus, yearly subscription), but I am very much concerned about Roon’s future. I think Roon will need somehow play with with Apple, Amazon, and Spotify strategically, and it is urgent, and it is a matter of survival.

I have got tidal and to be honest only use it to see if I like new or ‘discovered’ music. If I do I buy it. I could continue to do this if Roon never played with anyone and would be perfectly happy with it just using my home collection.


Not sure survival comes into this, depending on Roons cost base.
It also drives how big Roon needs to be.
If 250k dedicated users or even 100k is enough then so be it, the audiophile community is a tiny percentage of music listener’s after all.

Working with Apple/Spotify and Amazon only work’s if those companies want to play ball and Roon may well be seen as too small. Apple only works with directly with Sonos and they are the king’s in this market and Spotify has a reputation of wanting to control everything. It would be great for users of those services but can’t be demanded.

It seems that the rapid growth of the user base is what is causing Roon so many complaining user’s over the last year.
So I for one would be happy to see them slow down on growth and work on the overall system stability and thing’s that people are complaining about and then move onto more integrations (if this is available)


100% agree. There are a lot of outstanding issues that have to be addressed before any new features. But it’s seems attracting new customers seems to be more the focus over last updates rather than fixing broken core functionality. I hope search is fixed completely in the next one, it’s so broken right now it’s just embarrassing.


Yes the new shiny always looks better.
Sadly I have pretty much given up on search at this point, but I am always hopeful.


I think the Roon developers have big things on their radar. Unfortunately, the road is rockier. Fuzzy search, like Valence, has a great future, but currently still has heavy problems.


Since adopting roon + Qobuz I have not once gone to spotify or apple or amazon for music.
I haven’t fired up foobar2000 or clementine and vlc is relegated to video again.
The search feature is awful, I think that has been made thunderously apparent. I can not see why I would need to go back.
my $0.02


How in the world did this thread dissolve into a debate over acronyms and abbreviations for the last 30 posts give or take BTW?

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This is why it is a forum for people to vent their frustration and voice their opinion. That’s what they call a democracy every person is entitled to his or her opinion “freedom of speech”.
My opinion is also not to break everything down if it is not my opinion, but to listen and work with it to come to a solution.

I totally get that! You are not the only one who believes in democracy!

However, if you read my original post in full, you may gather that my statement was written about a specific group of people whom I felt were more or less actively encouraging people in multiple and repeated posts to move from Roon to alternative streaming solutions which are not and probably never will be compatible with Roon. I have no quarrel whatsoever with free speech (within limits of course given the amount of political misinformation and ludicrous malicious conspiracy theories sweeping the Internet nowadays). I was simply expressing my concern and surprise about the nature of some of the posts in a specific thread.

Of course, you won’t be aware of this but I should also add that although my post is the first in this thread, I did not actually create the thread. I posted my comments in a completely different thread in response to a number of specific posts in that thread. The forum administrators chose to close that specific thread and start a couple of new threads. This thread “I really don’t understand some people who post …” was created by the forum administrators using my post. I guess my post could possibly be taken out of context without the reference of the original posts to which I was responding!