I really thought Roon now supports streaming Apple Music

Crazy, I really thought roon now supports streaming Apple Music - which would be a dream come true. Most of the times Qobuz is fine, but the Apple library is way larger, especially for not-mainstream music…

Hi @Marc_Mennigmann . Welcome to the community!
I don’t think the problems the Roon Not Showing Apple Music thread have anything to do with music downloaded from Apple Music. As long as the music is in the right format and not copy protected, a lot of people integrate their iTunes libraries into Roon.
But you’re right, Apple Music the service does not integrate with Roon. It takes both parties (Roon and the service provider) to agree to make accommodations for the service to be integrated. Tidal was first, Qobuz took a while to convince, and it doesn’t seem likely the big players like Apple or Amazon have much of an interest for integration, even if Roon would love to have them.

I read a long time ago, Roonlabs tried, but Apple said no.

…which is a shame, because Roon would be so much more interesting with Apple integration. But they are too small - Sonos successfully integrated Apple and Amazon Music, even Bandcamp. But hey, I do not want to complain, I love Roon as is. Just thinking about future options. The more users, the more likely are more integrations.