I returned to 1.8 from 2.0 and happy again

I could not get Roon 2.0 to work. Back to 1.8 and happy again.


If you had required help from the support team, then you could have opened a support request in the Support category of the forum which is monitored by Roon.

Your feedback, while valid, does not, in truth, give much that would be useful to Roon Labs for product improvement.

Thank you.

Sooner or later Roon development will go beyond the technology in 1.8 and 1.8 will die. Programming languages and Frameworks are never static. Roon never promised 1.8 for ever.

The main reason for 1.8 was the backlash about “always on” internet , this restriction has now gone.

IMHO you would be much better off getting to the bottom of your issues with 2.0 , whatever they are … as @Geoff_Coupe suggests .