I stopped buying CDs and vinyl records

After getting Roon I stopped buying CDs and vinyl. I buy digital, but it’s much cheaper than physical mediums. My wife is happier, I feel relieved. I have more space and it will save me money in a long run.

Thank you


I’m the opposite. Buying more CDs now than ever as I rip them all as its cheaper than buying digital on the whole. Until they stop overcharging for something that should be way cheaper.


Not sure where you are geographically but for me to order cd from discogs with shipping usually comes down to around 14€ and new CDs are usually around 17€ with shipping. Digital on the other hand usually range between 4€ and 9€ from Bandcamp (where I buy 90% of new music)

I just bought 450 CDs on eBay for £48 in total. One happy :rabbit:

No cases or booklets, hence the price. Advertised as an eclectic mix of prog rock and similar, I think it’s actually far more diverse than that (were there 450 prog rock albums in total?!).

Slight problem - not enough room to rip them to the NAS, so may have to archive some stuff that I don’t play much (already in a separate folder for just this eventuality). Well that’s keeping me out of mischief for a while.


I’ve been buying about 100 albums per month on CD since setting up Roon. It’s been many years since I’ve used my Rega 3 turntable with ADC LMF-2 tone arm, but I’ve been buying some LPs secondhand because I can’t find the music on CD. Plan is to rip the LPs, cassette tapes and reel to reel tapes I have that I can’t get CDs for.

I rent 3 million CD’s each month. Much cheaper then buying them. No storage problems either. Only prpblem.is that I don’t have enough time to listen to all of them and Roon still isn’t nearly good enough to filter the crap out of it and leave me with the ones I Like.


I have a few vinyl albums I’m getting a friend to rip soon. Be Bop n Holla by Andy Fairweather Low.
Coast to Coast The Faces. Jubilee, Jim Couza. Marriott Steve Marriott.
He has acces to great kit via Rega so it would be rude not to indulge.
I still buy CD’s at gigs and pre owned in charity shops/Record Fairs…

Your postman must get sick of delivering them :rofl: (remember DVDs by post with Lovefilm?)

I do Tidal as well. Who needs sleep?

I’m in the UK and can buy CD’s from £5-£10 new and much less 2nd hand. Digital in the UK for Flac would range from the £10 if you lucky or higher and that’s for just CD quality.

I used to love second hand cd shops when lived in London! just whole process of browsing and finding some gems in there for very cheap… I miss that experience here in Portugal

On bandcamp, not all, but some artist do sell 24bit flacs for much cheaper than cds.

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Some do here to, bought a few that couldn’t get their album digitally any where else.

When I really got into music the way I did so was by going to thrift stores and used book stores and buying CD’s with a friend of mine. We would rip them with itunes and add the music to our ipods. I still have the AAC rips from those days imported into my Roon library but now a days I buff my used CD’s before ripping with dbpoweramp and adding the FLAC files to my music server. I can find interesting albums on bandcamp or other sites once in a while but the main way I find new music other than through Roon browsing is thrift stores. Hope Roon adds a mobile version soon so I can stop using Tidal’s app on the go.

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I love my physical collection and can’t imagine living without it. Roon is great for managing digital media - but nothing beats going into a dedicated listening room, selecting the vinyl 4 the evening, popping up a bottle and spinning the record.

Collecting physical media (especially vinyl) is as essential a part of living the Hobby music as is going to concerts and club shows.

It’s a question of lifestyle 4 me.


Can’t see me buying CDs anymore now I have Tidal. Can’t see the point of spending perhaps £10+ on a CD when Tidal has it immediately there for me. It’s such a relief to be getting rid of my physical discs. My partner is delighted with Roon/Tidal for these reasons… But still prefers to use a BT receiver and smart phone for listening :confused: Oh well.

I still buy DSD downloads and SACDs for ripping, and there’s my existing CD FLAC library and Tidal. Nothing else required apart from a very occasional vinyl purchase.


One reason why I have Spotify and Tidal but still buy digital music is that artists don’t earn anything from streaming services. It’s just pennies that they get from there.

But with Cds I agree, it’s a relief!

Another is to ensure I have the version I like. Studio remasters or remixes have created worse sounding versions than previous releases. Streaming service could update their version to the “latest” remaster and then you’d never hear your preferred version again on that service.

Not a huge issue yet with recent music or indie music because they haven’t gone through the extensive remaster route. But, on older catalogue, sadly the sound quality usually declines with remasters. There are many threads where people compare/contrast which master is the best. Buying it ensures you still have it. Relying on streaming means it can go away.


That’s a valid point. My original R.E.M CDs are better than the DVD-A 24 bit remasters.

Also streaming services remove stuff all the time so it’s good to own your favourites. I use Tidal and Spotify for discovery if I decide its something I really like and must own I buy it.


I’m with the OP.

Now that I’m streaming Tidal, I don’t buy CDs anymore. Not only that but I’ve gone so far as to donate the bulk of my CD collection to the American Cancer Society thrift store near me. The only CDs I’ve kept are the ones that aren’t available on Tidal.

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I am also with the OP.

Rarely buy CDs now, I tend to just add to my library from Tidal. I would like to give more money to the artists though so perhaps I need to think about purchasing occasionally from a source that supports the artist.