I think I have a good CORE on my NUC8i5BEH but no browsing, discovering, or playing music on Roon Core page

NUC8i5BEH, 2x Crucial 4GB DDR4 2400 MHz CL17 CT4G4SFS824A, and SAMSUNG 970 EVO Plus SSD 250GB - M.2 NVMe (MZ-V7S250B/AM)
I have ROCK installed and ffmpeg in \ROCK\Data\Codecs\

Screenshot 2021-06-14 192220
Screenshot 2021-06-14 192434
Screenshot 2021-06-14 192532

assumed that the Connect button would connect to the Roon Core or a place to browse, discover, and play music. There's nothing there about browsing, discovering, or playing music.

Screenshot 2021-06-14 192532
Screenshot 2021-06-14 192220
Screenshot 2021-06-14 192434

Looks like you are running windows…maybe turn off your firewalls while troubleshooting to start with.

what does the Roon Home Screen look like?

Have you added any storage location in settings storage or streaming services like Tidal/Qobuz under services?

You also need toads Audio devices you might have under settings audio too.

Thank you,
I’m letting you know that I am trying to verify all that I have done so far. Yes I am using Windows 10 64. The screens shots that I provided are the same for all of my OS’s and that is as far as I have been able to progress. I am learning as much as I can about Roon.
I responded to messages from Windows defender and gave them a yes for access. So I will revisit that.
Thanks. I will keep you updated.

As @wizardofoz asked: what do you see when you click on the Connect button for the ROCK Core? Do you get a login screen?


Screenshot 2021-06-15 114446|634x500

Right, so you must first Unauthorize the Roon Core that is running on your Windows 10 Desktop in order to transfer your Roon Licence across to the Core running on Rock.

But before you do that, have you made a Backup of the Roon Database on your Desktop? If you want to preserve your settings and edits, you will want to restore that to your new Core…

See that “Restore a Backup” link at the bottom of the screen? That’s what you need to do next…

Read the Migration guide for help…

OK got that. Never done that. I will do the backup and then Make Sure that I do indeed have a Backup.

Oh. thanks. Give me a few min’s

no I have not made the above. I got to a page to add tidal or qobuz. I not doing that at this time. I will back out. instructions refer to settings. I haven’t seen “settings”.
Sorry but I am confused. what about the firewall you mentioned. I was looking at Windows defender firewall. I’m not comfortable turning those off.

I turned off the firewall. and took another look at the add Qobuz and thought try it and sure enough I "connected it to my Yamaha RZ-A3070. I need to do some testing and verifying. I haven’t done any unauthorizing or transfers. I’m going to need some time to check things out and then I will fill you in. I need to get squared with the firewall before MS starts a hissy fit.

DOH? Me! Unauthorize W10 Desktop and with it the Li-sense to the Core on my Rock in the NUC? Will do.

Hi @David_Martin3

As mentioned above, clicking Unauthorize should work for you. If you’re seeing any issues with this, though, please let me know!

I was away from my PC where I “managing” Roon to check on my end devices response. Looks promising. I will resume the unauthorizing. My yamaha 3070 did respond and play from Qobuz but on air play which I understand is lower. But I will leave that and do the unauthorizing and let you know.
Thanks . I really appreciate it,

Hello Dylan, Geoff and Mr. Fix,
Thanks to all of you for your help and support. I have Roon on all of my devices so it look like I am good to go.