I think I may have just sold a Roon subscription to the DTV loyalty rep

Just thought I’d share my DTV experience today. My mom was cracking up while she was listening to this entire phone call…

Today I attempted to get an HR24 DTV receiver to make the volume go up and down with no luck. Apparently it can’t be done on an HR24 but I got a tech lady that kept blaming me not listening to her as to why it wouldn’t work. lol!

So… In the process of trying to get a Cambridge Audio device to work with the DTV remote so my mom doesn’t have to use 2 remotes to control the tv, I almost ended up cancelling DTV after dealing with a tech support lady that had her mind made up, and her heart set on teaching me how to program the remote to the tv so the volume would work. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Se kept telling me that I was not listening to her and that if I listened to her she would teach me how the remote worked with the DTV receiver and the tv and controling the volume once the tv was programmed. Keep in mind I told her right from the start, I went throught the motions to program AV1 to my receiver and it couldn’t find anymore codes and to contact DTV for help and more codes. The old HR24 receivers recognize Cambridge Audio and have a few codes, 4 to be exact, but none worked on the one I’m trying to get it to recognize… She was still convinced I needed a new remote or I had to program the TV to get the volume to work with the remote! CHECK PLEASE! TABLE 1! So I got so fed up I asked for her boss or the retention dept. This was a bad idea as she just sent me to a hold line to nowhere… so I hung up.

Then I called back, (I hate talking to that stupid computer voice) when it said what can I help with today… i said CANCEL SERVICE!

Which quickly got me to a loyalty rep in seconds… no waiting. I explained to him my problem… I forgot his name, I always remember to forget :thinking:… but he was great. He looked up the receiver model, (I think he actually googled it) he made a few comments about unit (positve) and asked about some other equiptment I was using. He then tried it on his Genie receiver and found 2 codes for it. Set me up with some new equiptment, cancelled a couple of others and fixed the bill. Anyways, In the process of all this mess we got to talking about tech stuff and he said he likes to messing with it all. From talking about old @ss hard drives (10+ years old and still actually working) in the DVR to the stupid B band adapters on the old DTV boxes, which led to the DECA adapters on the HR24’s, and that lead to the new ones using wifi, I hate wifi! That lead us to ethernet vs wifi we were all over the place… then we got back to audio and he mentioned sonos and how you could zone stuff… so I mentioned Roon. He’d never heard of it, I explained a bunch and he seemed intrigued, I think he looked it up while I was talking to him, but he said he was going to look into it. :grinning:

So if you out there Mr DTV loyalty guy… hello and thank you for your help today…

…if you end up trying Roon I hope you like it, being a tinkerer it’ll be fun for a bit.


Great story.
Thanks for sharing.
Gave me a gud larf

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