I think I'm getting the hang of this--but

One issue (with keeping my own metadata house) is dealing with illegal characters in filenames: double quotes; question marks. Not sure they’re actually illegal, but mp3tag (run with wine in OS X) chokes on them. Can’t save metadata for a file with a name that contains them.

So I’m wasting a lot of time manually deleting " and ? from filenames. I suspect pop and rock fans–even jazz–don’t run into this much. Heck, even classical. Where you see this is lieder and opera: areas are often named after the first lyric–hence "–and first lyrics sometimes end with a question mark.

With all these wonderful tools–dbamp, mp3tag–there must be a more elegant approach than what I’m doing: strip out the characters when the CD is ripped, or do a bulk search-and-replace on filenames. Hence my question: Can CD Ripper strip out " and ? from filenames? Can dbpa or a similar program do a batch operation to remove them from the filename? Hopefully I don’t need yet another software tool here.



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Try puddletag - load your collection, highlight all filenames and hit ctrl-h to enter the search and replace criteria. It runs under OSX, Google for how to get it installed.

I will–Thanks!

Kid3 also works fine with those filenames on mac.