I tried to launch Internet Radio, and my core audio disappeared,

I appear to have lost my core audio, I can’t see my DAC. All was fine, when I decided to listen to Internet Radio nothing launched, audio began playing through the MacMini and I can’t find my core audio any more. I did receive on Message in red which disappeared about a possible bug in bit perfect, I wish I got a screen shot of that.
But I’m stuck, PLEASE HELP…

Hi Lance,

Sounds like things might have gotten into a bad state. Can you try restarting everything ? Roon, DAC etc. Just power off, wait 10 seconds, then power on. Reboot the computers with Roon.

If that doesn’t fix things then we’ll get some system details and ask the Support devs to investigate.

Let us know how it goes. Thanks

Thanks Andrew,
I restarted everything, I updated my MacMini but still having issues. perhaps it’s computer based. I’ll let you know.