I updated my LINN firmware and it broke

before the damage increases.
Yesterday (around noon on November 2, 2022 Japan time), I updated the firmware of my SELEKT.
Then, when the power was turned off and then turned back on, there was no sound from the speakers at all.
When you turn the main power supply on the back from off to on, you will hear a sound.
When I contacted support, they said that there was a beta version of the firmware, and it got worse when I applied it.
It just became a box.
So, I think it’s wise for LINN users to update their firmware after taking action from LINN.
Anyway, as it is now, it’s enough…


It seems that the speaker settings have changed. If you can’t hear the sound from the speaker due to the firmware update, please try resetting the speaker settings with konfig.

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