I upgraded my nucleus

I look at the Roon on my laptop an Asus UX330UAK with Processor: Core i7-7500 CPU @ 2.70 Ghz. Running a 64 – bit operating system.


*I no longer have my waveform at the bottom of the screen when playing my own music from my Ayre QB-9 DSD by WiFi/internet connections. The line just flatlines for all my music in Roon Version 1.7 (build 571) and Nucleus.
That was yesterday, today when I try to open Nucleus it says to unauthorized Nucleus because my Roon subscription allows you to authorize up to 1 device to manage your library. The only device that I have is Nucleus. It says if I want to use this Core to manage your library, please unauthorized the Nucleus below, or get an additional subscription to allow for more authorizations.
Now it said this morning did I want to upgrade, I said yes. Then when the Roon screen came up it said to login or sign up. I logged in and that was when it said to unauthorized my Nucleus. I have had Roon and Nucleus for a few years without problems.

I have approximately 4100 albums on my 2 terabyte SSD drive inside my Nucleus with a 4 tb backup and an extra 1 tb drive running in tandem with the 2 tb. I am not using a steaming service.


Ayre QB-9 DSD by WiFi/internet connections, to the Nucleus


*can no longer use my Nucleus

This is what the authorization notice says

Click unauthorise. It’s a bug introduced in this release.

Thank you, I just did that now it shows upstairs for music but not my Ayre DAC that is downstairs where I play most of my music

I don’t understand. Do you just use the laptop for view/control no other device?

Hi @William_Edwards,

How is the Ayre DAC connected?

Is there any change if you give it a reboot?

Thanks ‘ged_hickman1’ now I have everything up and running again including the bottom waveform.


Dylan I didn’t change anything. The downstairs Ayre DAC just went offline. I put it back online by having Roon look for it.

I have the same authorisations message asking me to unauthorise the same core that I am trying to use. I’m scared to do this in case I lose my library and all the work I’ve put in identifying albums etc. Can anyone confirm that this won’t be a problem?

Hi @William_Edwards,

Glad to hear you’re up and running again!

Yes, you are free to authorize/unautorize Cores as many times as you wish, but you can only have one “active” Core at a time.

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