I upgraded to 1.6 and Roon asks for Authorization

I have not used Roon for a couple of months. Roon Core is on a Linux PC and Roon Control on a Windows notebook.
As I started Roon on the notebook, I receive a message saying that Roon Core has been updated to 1.6; my client needs to do the same. Update was launched automatically.
At the end, it asked to relaunch - I pressed Relaunch button.
However, Roon did not restart, so I tried to restart manually double-clicking the Roon icon. Roon did not start.
I then restarted the notebook, uninstalled and reinstalled Roon (64 Bit).
Initially, Roon didn’t seem to start, but it opened after a few minutes (!), asking to login.
I did login (my Roon Core was detected) , but it thinks that I want to install a new Core. As I have 1 Core installed already, it asks to Unauthorize the other installation which I do not want to, whereas remote control to connect to a Roon Library are free and don’t count towards authorizations.

On my Windows notebook I only want remote control, how do I login and keep my authorize Roon Core/Library?

I found an answer to my problem in a previously asked question - I just had to click on Unauthorize button relative to my Roon Core installation.

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