I want a new Roon endpoint that is not a computer

Good point to make; thanks for the reminder.

I have tried several of the HiFiBerrry HATs and an IQaudiO. The problem with a non-USB DAC, at least for me, is the lower available resolution.

Then later you can add the ISO REGEN

To expensive ?
How about a SBT (Squeezebox Touch)

The SBT will perform fantastic with the LPS-1

Would a linear power supply such LPS-1 improve mRendu? Or is it just for the sonicOrbiter?

Many people think so. See this for one such review.

I use the KECES DC-116 to power the i5 NUC and NAS. It has dual output or can be combined for increased current output.


I have Auralic Aries Mini, the beta firmware now support as RoonReady, because of its versatility and low cost, it can use as endpoint.

I use a cheaper version linear power supply to power the Aries Mini… The LPS200

H-Tronic AL800 which cost me around €15. That charges and conditions a pair of 12 volt 7Ah gel batteries which in turn powers my NUC. Cheaper than most high performance solutions and complete protection from power failure for my core. :slight_smile:

Anybody had any experience with SMSL P1 Linear PSU?

How does it compare with LPS-1?

Yes, and I think you already know from the CA listen impression thread.

And because of the LPS-1 special technology, I think it can’t be compared to any other PS, except Vinnie Rossi. In general a good LPS will add SQ.

Did you order the MicroRendu ?

Are you going to use Vbus ? If so, I suggest you verify this over at the CA thread, as I think you may get a little short of juice.

Thanks! I’ll take your word for it.

Yes. I have had the mRendu for a while now.

What is vbus?

That you use the USB power from your MicroRendu to power your DAC or a USB/SPDIF converter like the Singxer F1.

How do you run Roon on your NUC ? W10 or Linux ?

My NUC is still in the closet. Waiting for ROCK. Never used it (yet).

Here is my setup:

Roon Core on PC
Music on NAS (plus Tidal)
mRendu as a endpoint connected to router via Ethernet. iFi iPower as a power supply
USB cable from mRendu to a Singxer SU-1
HDMI cable from Singxer i2S port to my DAC (Holo Spring L3 Kitsune)
Amp: Schiit Mjolnir 2

See picture.

Very nice :grinning:

Try Linux + Roon on your NUC. Maybe you will notice a difference.
It should give you a good indication of how ROCK will sound.

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[quote=“R1200CL, post:83, topic:19079”]
And because of the LPS-1 special technology, I think it can’t be compared to any other PS, except Vinnie Rossi. In general a good LPS will add SQ.
[/quote] regardless of design the characteristics a good LPSU are well understood and measurable.

The LPS-1 technology is not what sets it apart as that technology has been in use for a while in at least one other PSU to my knowledge. What sets it apart is its configuration in using a bank of smaller super capacitors rather than just a pair of big ones and the challenges that creates. In short there is more than one PSU out there that can match it’s performance. What they cannot match is price and versatility.

I love this VU display. I am still running original Logitech Squeezebox Touch hardware. How would I download this graphic to the LMS? Where would I find it?

Thanks for info!

It comes from Picoreplayer’s Jivelite implementation. There are several.