I want to back up (copy) the music files on my Nucleus' internal SSD

Roon Core Machine

MacOS 12.5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Spectrum gateway and Google wifi pucks. No internet or wifi issues.

Connected Audio Devices

dCS Bartok

Number of Tracks in Library

Around 11,000 and none are compressed. 44.1K/16bit or better.

Description of Issue

For archiving and to protect against a catastrophic failure, I want to back up all the music files on the Roon Nucleus’s internal SSD.

I commenced the process by accessing the Nucleus internal storage over my network, selected the internal storage folder, and copied to my Mac’s internal SSD. The Mac estimated the 400GB transfer would take two days. Ouch.

So then I tried a different approach: I connected a quality external SSD to the Nucleus. I then accessed the Nucleus internal storage and tried to copy to the connected external SSD. Alas, this process was also proving glacial. It was even slower(!) than copying over my network to the Mac.

So… the copy is happening. But excruciatingly slowly. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a simple way to speed up the process? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

There is no way to directly copy from the internal Nucleus drive to an external USB drive attached to the Nucleus. It still happens over the network. So, in the second case, it is slower because it is being copied to the MAC and then back over the network to the USB drive.

You had it right the first time. And yes, for a large amount of data it can take a long time, especially if there is a WiFi step. So, it is important that everything is wired by Ethernet when doing the copy.

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Big Dan -

Thank you for this reply. Your explanation makes sense.

I’ll abort the current copy and then re-start the first method I described.

Justin M.


I used an ethernet cable to connect my Mac to my network switch and now the download is flying.

Instead of estimating a day+ for completion, the Mac now indicates “about an hour” to copy 400GB of music files from the Nucleus internal SSD to my Mac’s SSD.

I hadn’t known what a hindrance the wifi interface could be. I know now.

Thank you again sir! You’ve been a huge help!

No problem. Glad to have helped.


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