I want to buy an extra license to use for testing


I wish to buy one extra license for my testing, is as a hobby for me to tweak and test different hardware, and is everytime i want to try it out i need to fiddle around with my system that is up and running.
do i need to register with another email or can i have 2 accounts connected to the same email?

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You can add a second “subscription” to your existing Roon account using the same email. That allows you to use two active Roon cores at the same time. I just did that in December.


ok, thank you! i will do that.

To get the second license on an existing email, you might have to talk with the accounts team as I don’t think that is a general option. Pinging @accounts They should pick this up Monday when they get back in.

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ok, i talk to them first.

You can do it on your account at roonlabs.com


Thank you!

You know that you can run multiple Cores, but only one at a time, under the license you have now, right?

Not sure why you need/want a second license.

So you can do testing with one core and the rest of the family can use the other one?

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Yes, correct. it is now done, just waiting for them to activate it.

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Aha, I guess by ‘tweak and test different hardware’ the OP meant the machine that Core is running on, rather than devices in the audio chain.

Seems like a waste of time and money with respect to Roon, but they’re his to waste, obviously.

Have fun, @Peter_Wallin. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Peter_Wallin,

Thanks a lot for contacting us :pray: . You should be all set now — I replied to your email.

Thanks all for the insightful responses. It seems you know so well how Roon works :star:

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