I want to drive 6 ceiling speakers with different endpoints - what hardware should I get?

I could see getting 6 x HiFiBerry Amp+'s and plugging in one of the outputs to each speaker. One downside to this is that I would be “wasting” half of my setup with the other stereo pair I’d never connect (there is only one speaker per room). It also would cost a lot and it seems to waste resources by having so many amps, but maybe I need that to have a zone per speaker?

Any ways to economize here? I only need a nominal wattage as these are 5" speakers.

Do they have to be independent zones? If not, a Niles or Monoprice or Russsound distribution amp might be worth a look. Lots of ways to feed them.

Yeah I want a zone for each area.

This seems to be a very under utilised/resourced area for roon yet perhaps an area that could be world beating.

Not a lot out there to help with a roon based genuine multi room setup.
NAD have a distribution setup that looks like it could fit the bill but is beset with issues connecting to roon and Blusound Pro have a range of active in-ceiling and outdoor speakers that are MQA certified and could be perfect but inexplicably are not roon ready…