I want to exclude a specific song from the radio

Live Album, DJ Mix, interview etc…

I want an option to exclude any songs

I think you need to click the love heart twice and it will ban the song

Doesn’t this also ban the song from being played when playing the actual album? IIRC it was like that when I tried to “fix” this problem that way. The problem is that you’d want to listen to these tracks when playing the album, but they don’t make any sense isolated on radio. I’ve already had Roon picking random “radio intro” tracks on the radio queue, or encore break / band introduction tracks. I wouldn’t want them to be skipped when I’m playing the full album.

There was already another earlier similar request that was asking for a way to filter applause-only and other non-music tracks:

Maybe you’re right. There is the thumbs down as well when it comes on

Thumbs down is only maintained for the duration of the current radio session. It is not a permanent exclusion, AFAIK.