I want to sort my local music from Tidal [Answered]

I am on a 14 day trial and so far I am happy, BUT…I can not see how to find just my local music. It is all mixed in with Tidal. I lost internet connection and I wanted to play my music but I had to weed through all the tidal albums. I can’t remember every name to do a search. This is disappointing. I thought since there was not internet the Tidal albums would go away to only reveal my own music. Please advise me.

Go To Focus under albums. Scroll across to Format. Click on Tidal.
It will bring up all Tidal albums. Then click on the + Sign next to Tidal at the top of the screen.
It will show all albums in your library without any Tidal ones.

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Thank you Tony, I was just looking at the Focus menu when you replied. I would have never figured that one out.

I did see however under INSPECTION it listed Storage locations. I had all my music on a USB that I had accessed a few days ago then decided to remove it. Anyhow it showed up and it sorted my music and I was able to play without the usb actually connected. I am guessing this is where I would go also if I had NAS drives attached.

You approach worked best and that is what I will do. Thank you!

As a bonus, if you find yourself needing that Focus criteria frequently, you can create a Bookmark to easily get there via the Bookmark icon in the top right of the screen.

Thank you Keith, I love a bonus. Thats a good one!

No problem , glad you found it . It’s a great piece of software and a great community.