I want to view ID3 tag info exclusively

I want to view ID3 tag info exclusively.

It’s that simple and it’s a deal breaker as to whether I go beyond the trial phase.

If you don’t want to use the Roon features then Roon probably isn’t for you

I don’t know if this completely covers your wish, but there are lots of different options here:
Settings → Library → Import settings

While true, these are settings to “Prefer” and won’t make Roon show ID3 tag info exclusively. But surely something for @Mike_Crawley to try and set everything to “Prefer file” and see how that works for him

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Welcome to the Roon community, @Mike_Crawley

It would be helpful if you provided details of the genres in your library, and the sort of information you like to display from tags.

Incidently, I’ve moved the thread to #roon.

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