I was afraid of this - Roon 2.0 upgrade stuck

Roon Core Machine

Intel Fanless Mini PC Roon Core Server
Intel Processor i5
128 GB SSD drive for OS
500 GB SSD drive for storage

Networking Gear & Setup Details

I do not know the model of the router. It is provided by my ISP. I have the ROCK wired into the router. I don’t believe this area is the problem as I have been running my setup this way for a few years and all previous upgrades executed smoothly.

Connected Audio Devices

I connect the ROCK via USB to a PS Audio Directstream Jr DAC.

Number of Tracks in Library

Very few - about 100

Description of Issue

I opened the Roon Remote on my iPhone last night and it indicated that the Roon 2.0 upgrade was available and I choose the upgrade via the button offered on the screen. The screen on the Roon Remote then indicated that it was downloading the file. All this was as had occurred in the past on previous upgrades and I left the app to do its thing and proceeded to do other work. When I came back to hopefully use Roon a few hours later the Remote app gave me a screen that showed it was still on 1.8 (build 1105) and 'checking for an update…) with the screen icon showing a moving circle.

I deleted the Roon Remote app from my iPhone and reinstalled the latest version from the App Store so the Remote app is now 2.0 (build 1127) but that did not help.

I left it overnight to see if it was simply being slow due to the new update but today it is stuck at the same point. What are your suggestions? How do I get this to finish the upgrade?

Thank you,

James Nero

James, have you opened your ROCK’s web adminstration page and confirm if the Core has been updated to 2.0?

Hello Robert,

I am not that versed in looking through the ROCK’s folder structure. I can access the ROCK files on
my network. Where would I find that information?

This link should provide some guidance:

Typically typing the IP address of your ROCK into a web browser brings up the web interface.

Okay. I followed your lead and it tells me that the Core has not been updated. Would you recommend I use the admin page on my browser to restart the server software?

Yes, I would start with rebooting your Core. Under the Roon Server Software, after the reboot see if there is an update available. Also, how old is your ROCK NUC?

Well, that was a simple and informative solution. Once I restarted the server software admin showed it was Roon 2.0. I opened my iPhone and it was able to connect to the Core. Finally, I opened the new ARC app and it connected as well.

Thank you Robert for making me aware of how to access the admin on my web browser. Hopefully I won’t need to access it too often but at least I have another level of investigation to utilize.

As always, enjoy the music.

James Nero


Glad you’re back up and everything is working James.

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