I will not buy a roon subscription, because following features are missing

I tested roon and decided not to go for a subscription, for the following reasons respectively missing features (in priority order):

  1. iPad app is not working in portrait mode (really annoying)
  2. It not really supports audio books , respectively it is very complicated within roon labs to manage audio books. I am listening very often to audio books.
  3. Internet Radio , there is a function, yes. But it is very inconvenient to use. And I am listening very often to radio stations in my region (most of the time voice radio / not music) and discovering new stations.
  4. Deezer support . I use Deezer and I am happy with it. I could imagine, when all the above is implemented, to change to Tidal or Qobuz.

Roon is a nice software, I enjoyed it to discover the functionalities and to listen to my large music collection on my NAS. But for my use-cases I still have to switch too often to alternative apps when I listen to my huge mp3 collection (not only music), because roon is not offering the above functionalities. In the end after looking at all pros and cons, I decided that a roon subscription is too expensive for the benefits I will have from the software, as long as the above features are missing.
Wish you all the best and perhaps I will come back one day.

I have never had any problems using Roon in my iPad Pro 12.9 in either portrait or landscape mode. As I use Roon for its intended purpose, as a truly Hi Fi music management program, I personally hope they never spent the time and effort to support audio books. As for Internet Radio, again, as IR is in no way Hi Fi, I do not want them wasting time on it. Same with Deezer support. Call me selfish, uncaring, a DH or whatever, but I bought a lifetime subscription to Roon for it’s Hi Fi quality, and ability to let me manage EASILY a very large collection, and do not want their attention to waver from that goal. I understand where you are coming from, and that is why they have a free trial period. They do not want someone to subscribe unless Roon is right for them. And I hope you find something that does all you want it to.


Internet radio is something thats been mentioned before and I’m sure will have improvements coming…iPad maybe not at least not with current non 12.x" models

But keep checking back as features get added several time a year and we have been waiting a while for the next release to be dropped on the updates cycle.

Item #3

Audio books are easy to do with Tags, I listen to a lot and they are available instantly to me. Easy Peasy…

I have audio books too. I have no issues with them at all. Infact I made a load myself from CD’s and they work well. I tag them all and have bookmarks for them for ease of finding them. I suggest you look in to using tagging, focus and bookmarks as they will help here,

IR is being updated to be much better as and when it releases is not known at this point

Deezer, wont happen unless Deezer want it to. Roon does not just use api’s like other applications it needs full access to their database dumps and various other things to allow the level of integration and library, like Tidal and Qobuz do. If yo want Deezer in Roon you need to petition Deezer not Roon as the ball is in their court, Roon will add most services if they will integrate in the Roon way if not then its a no go.

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I suspect that the issue is that there is no such thing in Roon’s handling of Audiobooks (or Podcasts) that is equivalent to a bookmark in a physical book. In other words, you’ve reached the equivalent of page 234 in your Audiobook, and you want to pick it up again and start listening from that point on the next time you open the Audiobook in Roon…