I will upgrade my roon ready endpoint, any suggestion?

I use PS Audio PWD plus Bridge II as roon ready endpoint. It’s good, but not good as my CD Transport PS Audio PWT as the sound source.

I know PWT is much expensive than the Bridge II, so it’s deserved better sound quality.

I want to upgrade my system, using a roon ready streamer connect my PWD through I2S connection, so I can get the equal sound quality as from PWT.

Any suggestion for choosing which streamer model can do such required upgrade?

Lumin D2/T2

Roon ready

Sounds terrific


+1 recommendation for Lumin streamers.

They’re world-class.


Lumin D2 output sound quality can really exceed PS Audio PWD + Bridge ii?

Personally I’ve never been a fan of PSA with Roon. After the ease of use with Lumin (I now have 3 of them) would never go back.


In case you really want to use I2S, I need to inform you that Lumin does not support I2S for connection to an external DAC.