I wish Roon would end lifetime memberships

As I’ve said in other threads, I wish Roon would end lifetime memberships. Too many people think of it as a permanent option versus an early adopter marketing tool.


It’s like, you lose a fair bet and want your stake back… I don’t get it.

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Explain your logic why Roon offering lifetime licenses is detrimental to their business model. Curious as to your reasoning behind your comments.

First, I want to be very clear that Roon can certainly choose to do whatever they desire. It’s their company. And I have no behind the scenes knowledge whatsoever.

My primary reason for not liking the ongoing lifetime membership is the frequent hand-wringing of folks on “do I get it, or not, or whatever” combined with the “I may get it later on if I decide it’s worth it”. The former gets old and the latter seems to me to be fraught with potential major customer disappointment (i.e., Oh no! They ended the lifetime just as I was ready to buy it…how dare they).

From a business perspective I think about these issues: A subscription service like Roon needs ongoing revenue to both be profitable and to improve. At the extreme, if every user became a lifetime member, then in a few years there would be few funds available for further improvement (or even maintenance). I think there is a fairly small customer base for something like Roon, so without that small base providing ongoing revenue, I’m a bit nervous. And even as a target for acquisition (to ensure a long life perhaps) the “customer lifetime value” is a key metric and it depends on future subscription revenue.

This said, I bought a lifetime membership. But I viewed it like a “kickstarter” contribution to help get an enterprise off the ground. It was a good way to start to build a customer base for a new company. But as noted earlier, if everyone was a lifer, then in a few years the company will be dead.


Thank you for response. In my estimate, the $500 buy-in is restrictive enough to prevent full lifetime subscription enrollment. I believe Roon membership is now approaching 100,000. Once Roon to Go mobile is released, look for that number to at least double…my sense is that it will draw in younger members, and monthly or quarterly plans should be added, with longer terms getting better pricing. I am also a lifetime member since Spring 2016. I took me less than a month to decide to take the plunge. I have just over a year until my license is paid off, so I feel my bet paid off. I figure Roon ownership will know if and when to change their subscription plan structure.


I couldn’t agree more. And whether they actually make the decision at the right time, the decision is entirely theirs.

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My purchase of a Roon lifetime subscription for $450 (I took advantage of a 10% discount offer) in 2016 has provém to be a sound financial decision. It is close to paying for itself, helped by the fact that my home currency was much higher relative to the US$ than it is today (so buying now, or subscribing annually, would cost more). I made the decision shortly after my trial began and have never looked back. Roon keeps getting better, and my enjoyment grows.

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Sorry for the continued off-topic line here.

I must admit, as a yearly subscriber, I do agree with you about providing ongoing revenue to Roon.

I do also feel that yearly subscribers as viewed somewhat with inferiority in certain circles; somehow not committed to Roon. As if paying for the lifetime subscription confers some kind of sociological VIP status to Roon membership. It’s a little unpalatable.

Hehe I understand how you feel.

If we pretend this is the case - this perceived superiority only lasts for ~4.2 years (USD499/USD119).

After ~4.2 years, lifetimers become the low hanging fruit because they’re then just a bunch of free loaders!

All said in good fun of course :grin:



How about you offer some supporting material (and posts) for that comment feeling that annual users are looked at as being subordinate in value to lifetime members. I’m calling BS!


How about this…

I’m not trying to start a flame-war, just really trying to say that the payment model of choice is irrelevant.

Haha, exactly how I see it :wink:

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Maybe you’re just more sensitive about things. I don’t know your background, but we’ve communicated before without issue. There is no special status to being a lifetime member other than to having paid upfront. If those are the only two instances you can reference, I’d flush that thought.

As an annual subscriber, I do have to say that the “lifetime sub meet and greet” post gave me the sense of an exclusive club for a moment, but literally just for a moment. I think it was intended only to generate a sense of esprit among the forum and not intended to put down non-lifetime in any way.

I mean, I suspect that anyone who pays annually could without much financial hardship buy the lifetime if they desired it, anyway. Not a matter of economic stratification. Roon is a luxury no matter the model.

For the most part, the only “differentiating” language I have noted has had to do with the lifetime subs justifying the cost of the purchase relative to other audio-related costs - e.g. “well, the subscription was cheaper than this box of cobalt-blue, single-directional, salmon-skin-filament fuses I just bought” type of thing.


Ok ok… ( @rrwwss52 ) I may have been a bit oversensitive :slight_smile:


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Great. Now we can get back on topic making predictions about Tidal. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I want some. Where to buy?


Well when Roon Mobile comes as a separate subscription, there will be more money for Roon .
At least I believe they are thinking about some type of mobile concept .

Why would it come as a separate subscription? I always assumed that it would be part of the existing Roon offer