I wish the mods wouldn't close threads because they're critical

(Paul) #23

I find it hard (and sometimes follow some threads) to express myself in the right words in a foreign language, but here I go.

I was about to start this post in the original thread, but then the topic was closed.

In the current era lots of people:
want it all,
want it now (immediate gratification),
don’t want pay for it, and,
it should not take any effort.

If one or more of the above is true, they’re going to shout what is wrong, cry and if possible blame others with an horrible attitude.

To me the OP is a full representative of the above.
A quick search on the forum would learn him most of his critics were discussed, sometimes to death.

I am with James when he says a thread should not be closed when it’s critical.
And there’s enough to be critical about. Roon is not mature yet. It”s like a good marriage, there is some love and some hate.

This thread was meant to - with no other intention - than to defy / irritate people on the forum and if I felt his “tone” right, there was no “integrety”. For example, why in your first post comparing with AOL/Apple.
So to me closing this thread was the right thing, it was heading in the wrong direction.

To quote the French: “C’est le ton qui fait la musique”.

(Dick Vliek) #24

In the proces two of my posts got deleted too. Just want to say I’m fine with their deletion. Although no harm was intended, you never know how they get interpreted. Appreciate the sensitivity of the mods here!

(Mark Edwards) #25

Sums up my feelings perfectly @Paulb

There were rude/offensive remarks on both sides but the OP obviously had an axe to grind in the first place. Why not send Roon an email or PM instead of deliberately posting rude/offensive comments on the Roon forum?

The whole remark about Roon being a dictatorship, well isn’t the OP trying to dictate what he thinks Roon should be? It is very easy to sit in front of your computer/tablet without having to look anyone in the eye and tell people how you think things should be.

“I took a Porsche for a test drive the other day. I didn’t like it, didn’t handle well when driving around the city, couldn’t stand the ergonomics and it was overpriced. Anyone who buys one is wasting their money. My points were valid IMO. I went on a forum and told everyone”.

I work for my father-in-law’s business and I have to deal with customers Facebook comments everyday. They cite freedom of speech to me when they have been rude and offensive. I have the freedom to delete said comments and I do. I’ll ask them to come to the shop so that I can look them in the eyes and try to sort out their issues, occasionally a customer takes me up on the offer and generally we can alleviate their concerns.

The way this is put across feels passive aggressive to me @James_I I guess you probably didn’t mean it that way. I enjoy reading your comments, they are thought provoking but I think that we’ll disagree on this one.

I know we are paying customers, Roon is expensive and that it is not perfect (try paying in Australian $) but I will say again if we don’t like their vision then we can take our money elsewhere.

(Edward Lee) #26

I don’t think the mods close threads “because they’re critical.” I think they close threads because they get (or START OFF) rude or disrespectful.

(Andrew Cox) #27

Just wanted to mention this thread to those who’ve had posts deleted or modded. I can understand that it doesn’t feel very nice (I’ve been tapped on the shoulder and asked to edit my own post once or twice) but most people really shouldn’t be at all worried if/when it happens to them. You have to repeatedly and egregiously offend in order to create a bad impression with us. A wry smile is more often the reaction.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #28

Thanks to all for your input and thoughts. My goal was to understand what the mods discuss when looking at closing a thread and I am glad that such a decision isn’t taken lightly.

I can see how that might come across. The passive part was definitely not intended. :rofl: As a direct reply, I have felt that there is a lot of dogmatism surrounding the “folder view” issue and that definitely colored my choice of language.

I will have to look back to provide other examples of closed threads. There were several folder-view closed threads that were not devolving into insults but I will have to dig back to find the other closed threads that I had similar concerns about. I think there were a few.

Anyway, as always, I appreciate everyone’s civil, friendly, and thoughtful discourse.

(Mike O'Neill) #29

At least they leave them visible

In another well known audio forum, my recent post was first edited to remove a reference to a competitor, then subsequent replies were simply deleted

By the owner, he even had the audacity to mail me to excuse his actions …

Needless to say they will be my last contributions to that forum


(Mike O'Neill) #30

Ps the competitor wasn’t even named


@Mike_O_Neill Let me take a guess. Was your question on the other forum about a wdm driver?

(Mike O'Neill) #32

My lips are sealed , I was actually asking about improvements to the hand held app and streaming services

The response was underwhelming , cant stand the competition it would seem , silence it rather than have people think about it.

I have been a 7 year user until then , and a reasonable contributer to the forum