I wonder how many have ever run a L/R channel check

I have had some moments where I think that doesn’t sound like the last time I listened to a track or something is off with the presentation.

Now this comes back to hardware issue on the IQAudIO DigiAMP+ and maybe other boards where the board level screen is showing right and left as reversed - so I now went and did a check on all my IQAudIO setups (quite a few them) and had to rectify a few them to swap the wiring around for the speakers. I think I better go check the RCA outputs too just in case.

So there are some test files that are needed to check this… here is a link or 3 to get you started.



There are often test CD’s that you can download with test tracks for all sorts of things like sound sweeps, phase tests, channel settings and pink and white noise to name a few.


Happy listening :stuck_out_tongue:

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The L/R test is the first check I run after (re)installing my audio gear. It’s quite annoying when the left/right channels are switched.

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I always check L/R with “You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To” on Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section.

Pepper’s alto sax on the left, the Rhythm Section on the right.


I do L/R check with Chesky binaural CD. I have found a few prototype amps with errors on their boards this way.

Be careful I have versions where it is reversed, same with ‘Getz Gilberto’s Girl from Ipanema’.

@Ratbert I don’t settle for anything less than my 192k DVD Audio rip. :wink:

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A long time ago, an old friend of my wife came to visit, an opera director, and I proudly showed off my rig. Played some symphonic and opera stuff. He didn’t look pleased, said there is something wrong. And sure enough, channels were inverted. He couldn’t identify what was wrong, he just knew it was wrong. I flicked a switch and he was happy.

These days, all digital to the active speakers, it can’t happen, the speakers have a UI where you select which channel each should play.