I wonder what's going to be in 1.6?

(Stefan) #115

I would love to see bug fixes first before new features get added,

My most visible is (despite (at)brain once said this shouldn’t happen) if I modify an embedded tag such as genre, roon not only re-scans the album but also forces a re-analzye for simply nothing. This is pretty annoying if mass-correcting some thousand tracks.

Just re-mention it since by now 2 small updates passed by with next to nothing sensefull in them (for me), while this issue remained unsolved. As I once said … things such as Display is a nice one for 2-3 days playing with it … but if such bugs remain unadresses the best ever feature won’t compensate it.

(Andrea - Italy) #116

Definitely the Dirac integration would be the most welcome add on. For ROCK users with a direct connection to the DAC, like me, Dirac can’t be used at all today

Second Qobuz integration


(Mike O'Neill) #117

While I can see the wish list bit isn’t Room Correction a bit of xotic when there are so many more basic features begging. We are told Classical is a niche user base,isnt Dirac even more niche

I stand corrected

  1. Qobuz and HRA integration
  2. SACD ISO Playback
  3. Noticeable improvement within classical metadata and tagging.

Santa was really deaf on SACD iso playback. Maybe he gets it in this year.


Then why not just run windows and use Dirac with that. Or buy a dedicated dsp processor. Like Mike said, Dirac is a very niche function. There are a buzzillion options out there if you really want room correction, there are not many options out there if you want a first class music player. Roon was very promising to become one but development stuck completely in this area.

(simon_pepper) #120

My 5 things to make Roon more awesome

  1. Portrait view on iPads
  2. Ability to adjust playback device image for Squeezelite devices, under the Squeezebox emulation mode, for Sonore UPnP Bridge
  3. Ability to reference external folder of Artist images
  4. Further MQA support against a generic/selectable DAC profile
  5. Multiple Artist images for Playback displays, that cycle round

Qobuz integration again
(John) #121
  1. A new beaut Internet Radio set-up (long overdue, imo)
  2. Display searched song results in best quality order.
  • At present have to click on each song to find out the format & sample rate to then chose the best quality (very time consuming, and a pain in the $%^&@). Really surprised this has never been an option and could add as an option in the General settings tab (or am I missing how to do it)

(Greg Thompson) #122

For an update, I’d like the ability for TIDAL to keep playing once it’s finishes an album, like Roon Radio.

I’ve not found a way to get TIDAL to play like a track/artist-based radio station the way it does on my phone.

But a Roon is already very good, so I’m pretty happy as it is.

(Gerdy Beeckaert) #123

Qobuz integration


According to Qobuz, that is coming - though only streaming via Roon, not purchasing. At least that is what I took from the letter posted elsewhere on the site.

It’s supposed to be ‘this fall’.

(Henry) #125

Naughty boys don’t get Christmas presents, and many of you have been very naughty!:face_with_monocle::wink:


Good boys go to heaven, bad boys go everywhere!

(Patrick LP) #127

Qobuz launch delayed to 2019, so unlikely integration with Roon will be released before then unless accepting feature restricted to Europe (could be a way to pipe clean before US launch)

(Mike) #128

Devialet RAAT would be a very nice Christmas present, hope that’s on track and coming soon.

(Patrick LP) #129

+1. We know work is ongoing. Lead time heavily depends on Devialet readiness so not 100% under control of Roon. I am also hoping it will come for Christmas now also accepting the possibility it may not.

(Ged) #130

Export album list to excel and search. That’s what I’ve done. I have a stack of duplicate CDs sat on a “must get round to putting them on eBay” shelf :wink:

(Ged) #131

I’d like NOT Qobuz integration as I’m not going to use it.
I’d like the classical metadata improvements for others to break their OCD cycle.
Look at my metadata } moan on roon forum - repeat.

(Mike) #132

Good idea, thanks.

(Mike O'Neill) #133

Agree +++++++ 10^6

(Nick Baker) #134

Me to ++++++++++ 10^26