I wonder what's going to be in 1.6?

Lol, good thinking! Enjoy the holidays, and thanks for the coming features and excellent support.

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Thx for the open words! I wish some nice days of vacation to you and the whole team!BR

It’s also very funny to see that each time heated topics like this almost instantly calm down after just one reply of the Roon team wich might lead to the conclusion that people just want to get informed from time to time of what’s cooking.


Would this big release have anything to do with Qobuz integration???

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:rofl: Patience grasshopper.

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So no gift for Christmas apparently. Maybe for Chinese New Year, then?

Bingo. The blog is hardly the place to go. The lack of communication is perceived - by me - as being general disdain for the users.

Then we get a post like this. And things settle. So I guess going forward Roon could either post regular updates or sit back and get a kick out of folks getting apoplectic.

I never found a software house, either in this particular area or more generally, to announce their future enhancement plans. It isn’t disdain; its just good business practices.

Perhaps you have some examples in mind?

But Roon does announce their enhancement plans. Like knowing that mobile is on the roadmap. Plenty software companies these days announce their plans. Keynotes and customer conferences are a place to do so.

I’m not saying that Roon should suddenly hold a customer conference.

What irks is the lack of engagement. Software companies I’ve worked for and with would engage with users. UX would do a/b testing or even just engaging on the forums saying “what do you think of…”. I dont see that sort of engagement. And it isn’t letting the genie out the bottle. If you’re in software and you think your competitors are a blog post or forum post away from you, it’s missing the point. Roon is about experience. Not features (or at least it shouldn’t be about features solely).

Instead you get stony silence, a long and heated thread about something and then a post that puts the fire out. Why not put the sparks out before you have a fire? Or is it that we get a kick reading the threads for them?

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Huh!? Then I don’t understand your complaint.

That’s OK, I don’t want to argue, today.

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Would a re-title to this posting be fitting now as Christmas has passed and no gift. So maybe the new title could be “Easter present”?

It might be nice to have some sort of feature voting mechanism - would make it a hell of lot easier than a long thread. In retrospect, I hate this thread - even though i started it.


Speculation topics always end up the same way … but this isn’t the first and won’t be the last.

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Yep it run its course … so I’ve put a timed close on it … if anyone has anything more to contribute there’s 20 left.

EDIT: Even though it has run it’s course, it’s been decided to leave this topic open rather than have 5 new ones spring up.


Imagine in a parallel universe there was a way to end speculation…

Voting for a feature request won’t mean something happens … I somehow doubt this forum is a representative sample of Roon users. So, a vote or a +1 is unhelpful:

Makes sense.

Patience is better than BUGS…:grinning: