I wonder what's going to be in 1.6?

Sure James at a significant additional cost. I’m already $7k plus with the Innuos MKII>TBxUltra>Uptone 1.2>Lush & Triode Wirelabs Cables. Not looking to double that
Especially when this can be done with software for a much lower cost and Innuos (and others) are doing it with the LMS player. However with the closed Roon ecosystem they cannot access the system to make the changes required. Innuos server owners need Roon to open this up or execute it themselves.

I spend way more time on the LMS side even though I’m a lifetime Roon user because it sounds “significantly” better but pales in comparison to Roon in usability


I think Roon (should) always create(s) a track / performance relationship if

  • it finds a composer in the COMPOSER file tag of the track or
  • you add a composer manually to the track credits.

So you could either do this with external tagging (add composer) or within Roon. Maybe it’s not the direct way but should work well.

Or was there something else you’re looking for here?

What would be nice btw - I’m thinking mostly “classical” here - is if Roon would read composition related values from file tags, especially

  • FORM

This proves to me that if they ever tried to satisfy every wish on this list Roon would disappear up its own fundamental orifice.


This thread has gotten so long that I may be repeating previous requests, but these just occurred to me.

  • Search by album title is not robust; searches seem to prioritize band/musician names.

  • My biggest complaint about Roon: The main value proposition is the “rich” experience–artist connections, bios, descriptions, rich metadata. But, while it may be better than other available products–I don’t know–it’s not as good as it needs to be. Too many albums and artists in my collection (and many from Tidal) are “identified” but have no descriptions; I’d say roughly half of the albums I listen to have no info. Plus, Roon sometimes fails to discriminate among various versions of a work, providing correct information for each, so (e.g.) the mastering engineer may be listed incorrectly. I’m sure this is because no sufficiently accurate and rich online information source is available–but whatever the reason, the problem needs to be solved for Roon to achieve its full potential.


An Internet Radio integration which deserves the name INERNET RADIO.
Squeezebox Touch ages old had its own Radio DB based on genres, countries etc…
Olive One has its own …

And PS: just a function to load a db file where i put the links to my favorite stations is OK, but manually integration of EACH link ComeOn!!!


Just fix the usability nightmare that is album track matching:


Yes, I agree; always create a track / performance relationship when there is a track composer tag, or the composer is added manually to track credits.

This topic has quite a few threads within the community, with lots of ideas/suggestions, I din’t think many of these would be possible unless the basic change to the rules for creation of track / performance relationships is implemented.

I rarely listen to classical music in my collection so I’m not in a position to make a valid comment.

What I meant is: it already works in the two ways I described. If not, it probably points to a bug under certain circumstances.

Dirac integration.


I have inconsistent results and sometime what you say is true and is the way it should work, but not always. There are instances where Roon metadata provides a track composer but no track/performance relationship has been created. If I manually add a composer, still no track/performance relationship created. For example after searching for Doris Troy I get:-

There is just one composition - for the Linda Ronstadt track - Just One Look, which is correct. But, if I look at the Hollies album and edit the same song:-

Even though Roon provided the composer data initially, and I added them later, no track/performance relationship has been created.

Hoping this is making sense…

Do you get a “Go to Composition…” entry for the Hollies track (via the three vertical dots)?

No, I don’t.

:frowning: Now the question is if it’s a bug or a missing feature; with some luck, that will improve with 1.6 or 1.7 or …

It’s a bug Long thread here

It’s been bugging me for over 18 months and I’m hoping Santa fixes it for me in 1.6

… should have remembered that thread.

Bug fixes from Santa then. :slight_smile:

I repeat requests made by others:

  1. remote internet access
  2. discogs integration
  3. data accessibility (a performers screen, credits for single tracks not hidden)
  4. better boxsets (browse inside boxset, boxset CDs with their own title)
  5. better artists and albums artwork (forehead)

but the list could continue…

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Just a simple one issue wish for now: QOBUZ

I’d love to see a graphical genre hierarchy editor and I think many other people agree.

It can be done easily with a little tinkering:
I have my music on a syno nas, and the roon backups are stored in a shared folder on it too. I’ve made a tiny shell script that recursively zips the backup and stores it in a folder that’s synced offsite. I also added it as a cron job using Task Scheduler on the syno to make it run twice a week.
The same can easily be done with a batch file if you’re running windows :wink:

Roon Mobile with Tidal integration and ability to sync tags, playlists and bookmarks between mobile and desktop versions, the app would also access, index and play files stored on the devices for offline playback.

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