I wonder what's going to be in 1.6?


Wow, looking at those odds you’re not very hopeful of many changes are you? :smiley:


To be honest, I’d be happy with a 5:1 shot on modest UI improvements.
It’s depressing being welcomed with this type of view every day…

How hard can it be to have these sections side by side instead of on top of each other when resolution suggests it would be a better option.
The look and feel does, imho, need a bit of an overhaul. Even the fonts can be a little ropey in places - for some reason I notice it especially in settings.

(JohnV) #43

Beyond Qobuz? No. But I’d love to be wrong. :slight_smile:

(Jeff) #44

My Christmas wish list:

  1. Mobile Roon
  2. Metadata addition or improvements of any kind.
  3. Qobuz

(Michael Dahlstrom) #45

I’d like the alphabet down the right side of the iPhone client so I can skip down to X to find my XTC albums without having to scroll down through everybody.


Wake up call for all of you children: Santa is not real! :clown_face:


Of course he is - I know because he takes a lot of money out of my bank account every year.


Well, if you want to go deeper, the money in a bank account they don’t exist either, they are just numbers in a data base. :rofl:

(Tim Wilson) #49
  1. Roon Mobile
    This would make Roon much more valuable for many people like me. Right now the membership price is hard to justify when I can’t even use the program outside of my house. Using Tidal on its own at work and on the go makes me question why I even need Roon.

  2. Fix Android bugs
    Using Roon with my phone is pitiful. There are lines of pixels flashing random colors along the top of the screen and weird shadows of the album artwork along the right side. If I let someone use my phone to control an endpoint in the house I’m too embarrassed to tell them how much it costs.

  3. Make display feature more appealing.
    Once again a bit embarrassing, although not quite as bad as the ugly Android bugs. I will give them more slack here because it is a relatively new feature. With that said the display is often very ugly with low res pictures blown up, improperly cropped, and never changing. The lyrics are kind of cool but are not very smooth or appealing in appearance. If you compare Tidal, Spotify, Youtube Music, Bandcamp, or Amazon Music displays when cast to a chromecast device they arguably look better than Roon.


I try to not mix music and fractional reserve banking. :grimacing:

(Martin J) #51

I’d love to see .CUE support, still :frowning:

(John B) #52

An overhaul of history to include pictures and a focus ability. As Roon gets older I’d like to know what I listened to on this day for the past 4 years.
What times I listened to music most often.
When I listened to David Bowie.
You get the idea…

It’s a shame this data is kept but just as a simple list.


(Sascha T.) #53

Well, certainly the ability to use Roon from elsewhere. Maybe even as a clearly labeled “Alpha — Only use with good connection” that foregoes the whole conversion business, or with a max. quality of supported files (FLAC 96 kHz / 24 Bit). Right now it doesn’t even work when I dial into my home network over VPN (why? :man_shrugging:)

(Josep) #54

Qobuz integration

(Powered Two_Wheeler) #55
  1. Qobuz
  2. Improved Internet Radio
  3. Improved search

(Mike) #56

I’d be happy with vertical scrolling :rofl:


I’m keen to see what the Qobuz integration brings. It has scope for a lot more than simply a streaming provider (PDF booklets, magazine style articles and human curation - AI is great to a point but has limitations and needs decent training material). Qobuz and Roon could come up with something pretty compelling.

As for UI I think Broo once afforded the ability to prototype rapidly but it now stifles it by not being flexible or open enough. Maybe a UI change will happen with a change in Broo or a move from it.


That’s a-ha for you… :smile:

(Julian Armstrong) #59

This will be my very first post here! I have just purchased Roon for a year, so am provisionally hooked. On the issue of Qobuz, I do have a subscription (relevant to “out of home” listening) and what I would like to see is something very similar to the Qobuz interface in Audirvana +. This enables me to (a) stream from in high-res from my Qobuz account and (b) stream in CD quality from the Qobuz recommendations/Gramophone Playlists/my own Playlists etc etc without having to switch apps.: A+ does have my whole library (>500gb) but does not deliver “whole house” high-res playback, so integration of Qobuz and Roon would eliminate the need for jumping about between apps.

(Jim) #60
  1. Roon Mobile
  2. Roon Mobile
  3. Roon Mobile

If you pressed me, good Radio would be #4.