I wonder what's going to be in 1.6?

  1. Better music/album browsability
  2. Much deeper Tidal integration
  3. More metadata sources
  4. Better metadata searchabilty
  5. UI fixes / improvements
  6. Intelligent recommendations
  1. Roon mobile
  2. More dsp functions
  3. other none music content related features

In other words music first, music second, music up to 1567. Then the rest.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #62

I want it all.


… and I want it now. :sunglasses:

(JohnV) #64

Who wouldn’t like MQA at Christmas??

(Philip Gibson) #65
  1. More metadata sources
  2. Improved Internet radio
  3. Ability to add comments and annotations

(Jeff Rogers) #66

I’ll say it every time I can:

  1. Vertical scrolling
  2. Small album art with A-Z partition bars (like iOS contacts app)
  3. Search and filtering functions on iPhone/iPad


Track level genre playback!!!

With all the albums that have tracks with multiple genres on the same album, playback by genre at album level is pretty useless to me. :frowning:

(Mike O'Neill) #68

Good job I’m not a gambling man …

A nice analysis and probably spot on

Sad really but the low Classical user base is chasing us (me) away …


(Mr Fix It ) #69

Maybe Radio from a tidal play location…either with own lib or other tidal selections

(Paul Butler) #70

Ah yes, it has to be mobile. Where there was once a time i thought that was a ridiculous notion, i REALLY want it now…

(Kenneth F Krutsch) #71


(Mike O'Neill) #72

IDAGIO, seems to have a good classical service too and seems to be fairly international , I get inSouth Africa

(Barry Morgan) #73

The ability to create Compositions would be really useful, given the apparently random process that creates them now. This should lead to more widespread identification of different artist performances of the composition.

(Mårten Leijon) #74

Improved Android app! With DSP management possibilities and Focus, amongst other things.
Possibility to disable lyrics on Chromecast screen.

(Frank DeMello) #75

#1 Ability for Roon to load songs into memory for improved playback quality (IE like LMS Players)
#2 Ability to toggle between my track ratings & Roon’s (very frustrating this is not avail yet)
#3 Improved Roon Radio
#4 Qobuz integration
#5 Improved Internet Radio

#1&2 are critical to me

(Albert Jochems) #76

Over here we focus more on St. Nikolaas then Santa Claus, so please before 5 December :sunglasses: … I have just a few wishes and am rather happy with Roon as is otherwise:

  1. Qobuz integration

  2. Better box set handling

I’m not sure what people wishing for ‘Roon Mobile’ are actually asking for? The ‘Core + bridge’ concept doesn’t lend itself for mobile use, does it?
Maybe I’m completely missing the point here…

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #77

If you keep your endpoint separate from your core this should be about the same.

(Mike) #78

OK, I’ve been thinking really hard, I’ve come up with “a better database backup solution”. If nothing else, can the backup be zipped or tar-balled? Copying thousands of folders is extremely slow, it would be nice to have a tarball.

(R. Neal) #79

Sans serif fonts on artist/album info.

Playlist sync with export folder or mobile device.

(Spencer Marquart) #80

Mobile - outside of home network. It would make this the greatest thing ever!